New Kehr Union Building expected in 2024

By Roshon Jackson, Contributing Writer

     With the construction of a new Kehr Union building in the future, students were asked if they supported the idea of a new Kehr Union building and if so, would they be willing to pay extra for it?

     Bloomsburg University students are expected to have a new student Kehr Union building, with the expense of having an added separate fee to their bill. Are current students willing to pay for a building that they would not potentially get to use on an everyday basis?

     Vice president of student affairs Tom Kresch sat down and discussed plans moving forward for this project. The new Kehr Union building would be built at the site where the student services center is currently located.

     This new building is expected to have four floors with a larger dining area with a snack bar, 20 new meeting areas for student organizations, small study spaces for group projects and a computer lab with open computers all throughout the building, and a lot more open lounge spaces.

     Last year students were asked two questions. Did they want a new Kehr union building and if so would they begin paying for this with forty dollars included into their fees. Tom Kresch of student affairs says that students voted for a new building to begin construction but they voted to not begin paying for this with additional fees.

     Tom Kresch explains that “these votes sent a mixed message”. It is believed that current BU students want to see change but do not want to pay for a building that will not be finished before they graduate. The expected date for the new Kehr Union to be finished is 2024

     All of Bloomsburg University current students will have graduated and become alumni. Tom Kresch also explains that plans to continue with this project “isn’t a definite yes but isn’t a definite no either”.

     Further discussion and analysis with the counsel of trustees is needed on how to proceed with it in the future”- tom Kresch explains. It is believed that a clearly message need to be brought to the student’s attention on why this project would be beneficial.