How to Get Away with Murder: The killer final season


Viola Davis, starring as Analise Keating, has been the lead of the HTGAWM cast since the first season.

Jose Gamboa, Staff Writer

Having first premiered on the ABC television network on Sept. 25, 2014, “How to Get Away with Murder” is finally reaching the end of its bloody trail with the upcoming sixth and final season of the series.
Set to premiere this week on Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019 at 10:00 p.m., the final season is crafted to be one word: killer.
Starring Viola Davis as Annalise Keating, a tenured law professor at Middleton University and a remarkable defense attorney.
The series revolves around Ms. Keating, her associates, and five of her interning students as they all become entangled in multiple and layered murder plots.
As of now, with the end of the fifth season in February 2019, they all have gotten away with all a plethora of murders; some of which are theirs, and some are not. But their lives are by no means safe.
With this final season being marketed as “The Killer Final Season,” the audience knows they are going to lose their favorite characters. And yes: characters.
Viewers have been promised by the actresses and actors of the show that more main characters will die.
Multiple mainstays who have gotten away with the/their murders will be the next ones to meet their bloody end.
The screenwriters have done wonders in handling the many plot twists this series has per season.

Beware: spoilers ahead

While each season has its own rightful, intense pinnacle scene/situation: Annalise being shot by one of her students in Season 2 and Annalise’s house burning down resulting in the death of one of her students and injury of another who is pregnant. In season 3, Annalise fighting for the baby of her pregnant student who is stolen by her treacherous family in season 4, and Annalise dealing with the first-born son of her now dead husband who is seeking answers on his father’s murder in season 5.
Nothing, in my humble opinion, can possibly surpass the ultimate plot twist in the first season of this show: Annalise knowing who killed her husband, and helping them cover up the murder.
The cinematic build-up to that scene is impeccable. The audience has zero indication that Annalise is in the room with her husband’s dead body as the murderer walks in apologizing to the corpse of Sam Keating, Annalise’s husband.
One thing this show does not reserve itself from is the method of which they handle their storylines.
They expand upon the lives of these characters in directions the audience could not even fathom.
Somehow the screenwriters connected Annalise Keating’s life to Wes Gibbins’s life (one of her five interned students) to the point where Annalise was in the room where Wes’s mother commits suicide.
In conjunction to the dense storylines, the series does not shy from killing off main characters that we as viewers may assume have “plot armor.”
This is further expanded in season 3 where Wes Gibbins is murdered in the house of Annalise Keating. Nobody is ever truly safe from death in this series. They have just been lucky enough to survive this long.
However, there is one aspect of “How to Get Away with Murder” that still fascinates fans: Annalise Keating has not killed anyone.
This is unshakably true. She has taken the life of no-one. She does, however, assist in their murder being covered up and hidden, but she has murdered no one.
Will that change in the final season? Fans are endlessly speculating, and as a fan myself, I do not know what to think.
As controversial as this may sound, I do not want and I hope that Annalise kills no one. Death does revolve her, I am not denying that. But she has never had direct hand in any of it.
She is tragically thrown into all these murderous situations where she has to manage to survive or suffocate in the bloodshed.
Alike, I also hope that she does not die in the end. There have been many teasers of the sixth and final season showcasing two different coffins at two different funerals. I really really really hope one of them is not Annalise’s.
After viewing the life of Annalise Keating for the past two years of my life (because I only recently became invested in the series right before the premiere of the 4th season in 2017), I hope she gets a happy ending.
As cliché as that may sound, I believe Annalise is innocent from all the errors of the people around her. It is not her fault that the people around her commit murders.
It is really not even her responsibility to cover them up, but she continues to do so because she cannot help herself.
Annalise Keating cares too much about the people in her life. And we as fans care about her too much to see her go in this final season of “How to Get Away with Murder.”