‘Tis the finals season

Suggestions for how to make your week a little more jolly

Haleigh Weddle, Contributing Writer

With the fall semester quickly coming to an end, the thought on every college student’s mind is final exams. The stress can seem to be all-consuming at this point in the year, which is something that is completely normal. 

Dealing with the finals week blues can be a challenge for anyone, whether you are a freshman or a senior. Everyone has their own process when it comes to studying for exams, but here are a few tips that have helped me through my finals in the past.

One of the most common mistakes students make is to try and cram right before the big exam. Start studying now and make sure you get enough sleep throughout the week. Staying awake all night to study will not only cause sleep deprivation, but it will also cause you to retain much less information. A good night’s sleep will help you retain information and improve studying.

Another tip: laugh. This may seem impossible when overwhelmed by five exams and/or projects, but laughing can relieve built up stress. Taking an break to check your social media or hanging out with a friend can be an extremely therapeutic technique to elevate stress.

To prepare for finals, I have found that I am less stressed if I start preparing in advanced. 

Write the research paper now, make flashcards or Quizlets now, and make a schedule ahead of time. Personally, I make a list for each class I’m taking and figure out the areas or chapters that need more study time. This way when it comes time to work, I can easily see where I need to focus more of my energy. 

If this doesn’t work for you or you tend to procrastinate on everything, you can also try finding a prime study spot right before your exams. Study spots can be key. Sometimes, the library isn’t for everyone. Look for a space that you will be comfortable and able to study for long periods of time. This can be your living room, a lobby or classroom in one of the academic buildings, or a quiet place downtown.

Remember, constantly worrying about finals will only cause you to stress more. Give it your best and you will do just fine.

Haleigh is a senior English major and Contributing Writer for The Voice.