Let’s keep the “Bloomsburg” in “Bloomsburg Block Party” Bloomsburg Police aim to limit number of outsiders attending Bloomsburg Block Party

Samantha Barger, Contributing Writer

      Contrary to popular belief, Bloomsburg Police are not trying to put an end to Block Party, however they would like students to stop inviting friends from other schools.

     The annual event is quickly approaching and will take place the weekend of April 21, 2018.  The Bloomsburg town police are preparing and reminding students that the same laws still apply, as they always do. The Bloomsburg police would just like the Bloomsburg students to keep it amongst themselves; hence, not spreading the invite to outsiders.

     According to a news story, from BloomUToday, last year there were numerous charges handed out during this event, 281 to be exact. Some of the charges included: disorderly conduct, underage drinking, disorderly gathering, retail theft, carrying false identification, public drunkenness, and scattered rubbish.

     Roger Van Loan, Chief of the Bloomsburg town police station stated, “The same local and state laws are in place for this event, as they are every day. If any of the officers observe something that goes against the law, they will address it”. Chief Van Loan explained that this is supposed to be an event for the residents and students that reside in Bloomsburg. The goal is to reduce the number of outsiders to Block Party. Problems arise when students take to social media and tell hundreds of people from other areas about the town-wide party. This event is very expensive for the town of Bloomsburg and should be celebrated with our locals.

      According to BUnow, the Bloomsburg Block Party originated in April 1993 and has been an annual event ever since. Block Party was supposed to be an event that year for the Bloomsburg Women’s Center and is now used an excuse for students to binge drink all day long. Even in 1993, there was more people who showed up than expected. Last year there was an estimated 4,000 plus people that attended this event.

     Bloomsburg Police urge students to keep information about Block Party offline to help reduce the amount of outsiders from coming in and tearing up the town.