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  • Welcome to the new and improved Voice website!

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Stretch yourself to get unstressed

Autumn Breslin Op, Ed Contributor

March 21, 2019

It’s that time of the year: the holiday bustle has ended and it is the beginning of the busiest part of the semester for most of us here on campus. Many of us are still adjusting to our classes, work schedules, and approaching deadlines for assignments.Workloads accumulate daily and quickly throughou...

What does it mean to ‘be a man?’

Sabin Laskoski, Op Ed Columnist

March 1, 2019

I was mindlessly browsing Twitter the other day, and I saw a tweet that my one friend retweeted. When I clicked on the picture of a Ted Talk video, I was expecting some weird video talking about the health benefits of marijuana or the reasons why we should take less selfies.Instead, I watched a video clip ...

CUT DOWN: Student art project removed from outside Old Science Hall

Brooke McCoy, Managing Editor

March 1, 2019

Since the beginning of December, a pink tire swing has hung from the tree between Old Science Hall and the Women’s Resource Center. On Monday, Feb. 11, that tire was removed over a student complaint that due to its “obscene imagery,” it should not be publicly displayed. Artist and BU stud...

A little birdie told me…Biology faculty and students conduct animal behavior research

Gabriel Miller, Staff Writer

March 1, 2019

Assistant Biology Professor Dr. Lauri Green and graduate student Victoria Roper have begun a research project to study tree swallows (Tachycineta bicolor) in the local area.Dr. Green, a marine ecologist, says that tree swallows are model species because they are easy to study and an indicator of how well o...

Holistic Huskies: The zombie craze won’t die

Rachel Eicholtz, Anthropology Club

March 1, 2019

Welcome back to campus! For some, it’s probably a relief to be back. For others, maybe the break just wasn’t long enough.Either way, hearing that alarm go off the first day of classes is never pleasant, and most shuffle to class with coffees in hand while grumbling hellos to each other. In a wa...

Suffering (and sacrificing) for your art

Ed Murphy, Photo Editor

November 9, 2018

I love being an art major. I hate being an art major. It is a very challenging balancing act between the two.There are things that make me regret the decision to stick with school to pursue a career in art, and there are things that make me stay true and push on.When I describe myself, I would say I am 80 ...

View From The Voice: Stop Trump’s frivolous tweeting habits!-World enraged after Trump retweets anti-Muslim videos

December 7, 2017

     2017 has been a wild year, that’s for sure. Thanks to social media, the entire world has been able to watch all of the crazy stories unfold, most of them to be immortalized in the vastness of the internet for all of time.     Unfortunately for the American...

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