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14 Valentine’s Day fun facts

Gabrielle Reyes, Features Editor

February 13, 2020

Every year, we celebrate Valentines day because it is something that has been done for years. We don’t thnk twice as to why. Who started this controversial day? Do people actually celebrate this holiday? We thought it would...

Valentine’s day for those taken, single and in between

February 13, 2020

Celebrating this “holiday” all depends on what your plans are. Do you and your significant other want to celebrate it? Do you even care to do anything on this day? Are you planning to talk to a crush? This day is a big question...

Dating in the technological age

Anna Jaskiewicz, Op/Ed Editor

February 6, 2020

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it might be a good time to try and answer a question that seems to keep popping up: Is dating a thing of the past? Obviously, many of us have romantic partners to whom we are committed but whom...

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