Valentine’s day for those taken, single and in between

Celebrating this “holiday” all depends on what your plans are. Do you and your significant other want to celebrate it? Do you even care to do anything on this day? Are you planning to talk to a crush? This day is a big question mark.  

Singles who are hating this day are missing out on the opportunity to love themselves.  Of course Valentine’s day can be obnoxious but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate in the festivities. This day is an opportunity to take yourself on a date. Treat yourself! Plan all the things that make you happy. For some, it can be a day at the spa getting pampered. Others may prefer a nice book with their favorite drink. This day is not to feel alone but to feel loved. Maybe spending time with a couple you admire is fun for you. We all know that one couple who loves having others be a part of their day. These are the people who don’t eat each other’s faces in public. At night, practice self-love. While everyone is spending money on chocolates, you will be investing in yourself. Buy and research the perfect sex toy for you. Grab whatever toy you like or want to try and use it. 

For those who are in a relationship, this will be an expensive day if you don’t plan accordingly. On Valentine’s Day, everything is priced more because of commercialization. Today is the day before Valentine’s Day. By now, you should have a plan or gift ready. If not, do it now! For those relationships that are new, don’t stress this day. Just relax. Don’t have expectations too high. Don’t expect sex because it is Valentien’s Day. Take advantage of this day to be romantic and do the things you wouldn’t typically do. If you both decide to have sex, maybe decide to do so before dinner. Sex on a full stomach is not fun. Planning out this extravagant thing is not what your partner always wants. Think simple yet creative. Same can be applied to sex. Simple yet creative. Valentine’s day does not mean BMS , whips and gagging devices. Show your partner you listen to their needs. When having sex, do somehting you know gives them plessure. This can definitely mean slightly longer oral, a specific position or a kink that they have. Make sure they feel heard. 

The couples who have been in a relationship for years can be tricky. It is easy to feel that you must outdo yourself every year. I fall into this trap myself. I realize that it is the genuine gifts and gestures that I want the most. This day for those types of couples is to help appreciate our partners. It is to help remember to say I love you and I appreciate you. It is a time to celebrate the relationship you have built together. Valentines day can be a way to open doors of exploration in sex. Ask your partner if they want to try out a new fantasy or kink. Trying something new together is a fun activity that shouldn’t be stressful. Pick something you both want. If one person wants to try butt plugs but the other one doesn’t. Don’t pick that one. Ask them if they want to role play. If so, go out to the sex shop and show together. It’s another intimate activity to do together on this day. The thought that both of you are trying is what makes it special; even if whatever you’re trying doesn’t work out. Have fun and enjoy each others time. 

The last category people place themselves in in the “inbetweeners”. These people are in a relationship with a person who they are not confirmed. I say this day is the day to tell them how you feel. Love is in the air. If it is just a crush, go and tell them. Get them a card and let them know. If you are friends with benefits but you have feelings for them, tell them. If you continue to be in that relationship,you will start to hurt yourself; maybe they have the same feelings. If you are in a relationship where its been a few dates, ask them to make it official. Today is the day to speak up. 

Don’t let this day be stressful. There is nothing to stress. Communication is so important. Talk to your partner about your plans and theirs. It only becomes stressful when you don’t know what their expectations are. Give yourself some credit. Be safe and stay horny, huskies.