The Week Before Spring Break Survival Guide

Gabrielle Reyes, Asst. Features Editor

     This week was the last week of classes until spring break. With the anticipation of spring break coming up, it can be difficult to focus on our classes because we are distracted and stressed out. Some professors tried to pack in exams, assignments and presentations. While we are here thinking about going home to relax or in some cases, tanning under the Mexico sun. We asked people around campus their advice on how they are surviving this last week before spring break and to make the week go faster.

      Typically, a lot of different things are happening during the week before break. Spring break is a much-needed break for not only us the students but for the teachers as well. It seems that many students would agree that the best way to get through the week, looking at the light at the end of the tunnel.  Junior, Kristen Pepe says that the only thing that is getting her through the week is the thought of hanging out with her friends back at home. She also mentions how she also spends most of her time packing a little each day and hanging out with friends here at school, to make the time go faster; rather than spending time alone. Other students also indicated how looking forward to being with friends, family, and their dog, can help motivate them to get through the week.  Pepe also mentions how she makes a countdown of how many days are left of school to make each day more exciting. Spending time alone can be your worst enemy as well as watching the time go by, said by sophomore Hannah Mendygral. Hannah also mentions how she kills time by watching soccer games and Netflix, specifically Jersey Shore and Breaking Bad. Even though Netflix makes you feel bad asking you if “you are still there”, it sill helps the time pass.

      Another piece of advice to keep in mind is to keep yourself as busy as possible. Halle Bitner mentions how you should do as much work as you can, so you can be worry free during the break. This can consist of making flash cards for exams, doing homework that is assigned for the break, or any classwork that may be due for that week. This not only kills time, but it also lets you catch up on any work you need to do. Another way to keep busy, is to plan out your days to be full of different activities aside from your classes. Some examples can be meetings with tutors, group studies, attending activities around campus and going to the gym. Other students have mentioned that “illegal substances” have helped them get through the week and pass the time till break. However, I do not recommend those activities because it is illegal and there are better ways to pass time!     

      It can help if you just remember to breathe through your stress and start to cross off the work you have finished. It is a relieving feeling when you know have nothing to do for the entire break. For those who have kept themselves busy during this week, it probably went by quickly and you are excited to leave tomorrow. For those who dreaded the week and complained the whole time, the week probably went by slower than you wanted it to. However, it doesn’t really matter how it went by for you, spring break has finally arrived! Stay safe and have fun!