New Initiatives offers huskies ROTC scholarships

Office of, Military and Veterans Resources

     Eight Huskies each received $1,250 in scholarships last week.

     The scholarship recipients were recently recognized during the university’s bi-annual Military Students Welcome Luncheon held here on Feb. 6.
The ROTC Strategic Enrollment Scholarship at BU was initiated and approved recently by the Strategic Enrollment Management Division.
Scholarship recipients were determined by the program’s ROTC scholarship committee, according to Bob Heckrote, the university’s supervisor of the Office of Military and Veterans Resources. Heckrote, who also serves as academic advisor for military and undeclared students at BU, chaired the scholarship committee.

     The new program offers four one-time awardee scholarships awarded each fall and spring semesters to cadets serving in Bloomsburg University’s ROTC Programs. Both Army ROTC and Air Force ROTC cadets are eligible. The scholarships are awarded based on program standing, GPA, physical performance, and merit, not financial need, according to Heckrote.

     “We are honored to do this for our military students and look forward to awarding deserving students in the future,” said Heckrote. The same type of recognition is planned for fall and spring semesters in 2019.

     “Receiving the scholarship was awesome!” exclaimed Cadet Deanna Lupia, Army ROTC, upon receiving her scholarship.  

    “Sometimes it gets frustrating running on little sleep, but to get recognized like this is just a great reminder that people are appreciative of what we are working to become, added Lupia who is majoring in mass communications at BU.  “It makes me just that much more excited for my future. I couldn’t be more thankful for the scholarship,” said Lupia, a 2016 graduate of Muhlenberg High School.

     ROTC Scholarship recipients are: Cadet Jovan Garrison, Army ROTC; Cadet Megan M. Peck, Army ROTC; Cadet Luke Shriver, Army ROTC; Cadet Brandon Webber, Air Force ROTC; Cadet Jacob A. Coombe, Army ROTC; Cadet Bailey R. Rohrer, Army ROTC; Cadet Colin Calpin, Air Force ROTC; and Cadet Deanna Lupia, Army ROTC.