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Welcome to the end of the world: Dark humor and drama abound in Netflix original

     In case there’s another impending snow day, or a need for a new Netflix show to binge, consider diving into “The End of the F***ing World.” This new binge-worthy show is a British dark comedy drama based on the eponymous graphic novel written by Charles S. Forsman.

     This show offers eight episodes, each running about 18-21 minutes long. The show follows 17-year-old James who states that he is, in fact, a psychopath. He has killed many small animals before and decides to make his next target a human being.

     Before everyone starts to question “Why get into another murder series?,” this show is not what you expect. This show offers a new twist on this and yet, it’s hard to believe that this show ends up the way it does.

     The human James has decided to kill is another 17-year-old, Alyssa. She’s fairly new in school and has plenty of her own personal problems like James, but she is definitely not someone who thinks about killing someone.

     She convinces James (very easily, by the way, since he sees it as an opportunity to kill Alyssa) to run away with her because they both come from screwed-up families. So, they drive off together on a road trip across England and suddenly, things take a different turn.

     This show serves up an underrated humor and sometimes, if you’re not paying attention, you miss a sly comment from Alyssa. But the comedy in this show is one of the best parts about it.

     The other thing that pulls you in is the sheer plot of the show. It’s very easy to get invested in these characters since the show has made them extremely relatable and real. The episodes also leave on constant cliff-hangers, so once the countdown for the next episode begins, you feel yourself automatically clicking it to skip those five seconds so the next episode can start.

     Another great aspect of this show (which is simultaneously disappointing) is that it’s easy to finish in a day. Since it’s only eight episodes at about 20 minutes apiece, that’s under three hours total of time needed to watch all of these episodes.

     Saying this show is binge-worthy is an understatement. At the end, you’ll feel like how you did if you finished “Parks and Recreation” or “The Office.” It leaves you in a pretty upsetting spot, but it definitely fits with the show’s atmosphere.

     In case someone is wondering how true to the novel the show is, it was that ending of the show is actually how the graphic novel also ended. When shows are able to honor books in production, it makes the show much more exciting to watch for anyone who has read the novel.

     There is also some talk of a possible Season 2, which Netflix is pretty fond of doing. We’ll see how that will go, especially with how the ending went (no spoilers here!).

     Nevertheless, this show keeps you on high anticipation and is well worth the three hours of your time to sit down and get the feels. It’s also extremely fun to rope your friends into watching along with you so everyone can react together!


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