Last Word: The presidency calls for constructive criticism Democrats are skeptical of Trump’s so-called achievements

Chloe DeVitis, Op Ed Editor

     Last week the College Republicans wrote about how Democrats are judging Trump too strongly and not applauding his “achievements”. Some of these achievements mentioned involve taxes, and school choice. While I agree that some people are obsessively judgmental of Trump, there still is a need for constructive criticism. The BU Democrats disagree and feel that our criticism of Trump is sound, especially on other topics such as the promotion of bipartisanship.

      We still believe that the tax cuts implemented mostly benefit the rich. It is true that the administration advertised this as the tax cuts aimed for the middle class, but this is simply not true. Corporate tax cuts are permanent, compared to the personal tax cuts. It may be possible for some effects on Americans temporarily take place by giving cuts to the rich, but this is a risky trickle-down approach (Washington Post). Let’s not forget about the repeal of the estate tax that only affects the richest Americans as well.

     The College Republicans also mentioned about the declining unemployment rate. Trump has stated that he has created 200,000 jobs monthly since he came into office, but this is false as well, and his job numbers are actually lower than Obama’s in his last year as president (Bloomberg).
When it comes down to school choice, this opens up the argument of tax dollars going to “vouchers” for kids to attend religious, private, and charter schools. This is also going to be implemented by the federal government, which is a problem. Some people believe that this school choice issue should be left to the states.

     Another issue with this is that not all private schools implement civil rights laws in the same way that public schools do. These schools have the ability to discriminate depending on disability, religion, and other issues (nytimes). Is this really what the administration means by “school choice”? This in my view is not something that should really be praised.

     If we look back on how he handled the crisis in Puerto Rico, which is still ongoing, that should definitely not be overlooked. Multiple people died as a result of inefficiency and delay, and people and hospitals were left without power and food for weeks. Instead of ensuring efficiency with FEMA before the storm actually hit, Trump decided to go on a relaxing four day vacation (msn).

     Lastly, Trump has managed to truly divide people. Almost everything he tweets, says or does leads to pointing fingers at certain individuals or the Democrats in general. This is the last thing our country needs.

     I admire that Rachelle Jones can criticize Trump on the perspective of some of his personal actions. I agree that there is a significant amount of people that open fire on his every move, which does not help bring us together as a country. I think that we can all safely agree that we need to work on bipartisanship and to stop worrying about which side we are on.


Chloe is a senior Anthropology major. She is the communications coordinator for the Bloomsburg Democrats and the German club Secretary.  She is the Op/Ed Editor for The Voice