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Jackman and company unleash their song and dance

      Hugh Jackman has done it again, ladies and gents. “The Greatest Showman” is still stealing hearts and making us want to cry, jump for joy and scream who we are.

     The first ten seconds when it came onscreen was adrenaline-pumping. A large chorus just bursting out a melodic chord made chills run up and down my arms. Seems like Hugh Jackman can do no wrong. We all know him as an irreplaceable Wolverine, but if he was casted in all musicals from now until the end of time, I could die happy.

     Jackman’s voice is an undeniable gift. Seeing him in “Les Miserables” made the world gasp because this typical action star hit us with a voice that stopped us in our tracks. In “The Greatest Showman,” Hugh proves just how theatrical he can really be.

      But let’s talk about the elephant in the room, and not the actual elephant under the circus top. Two words: Zac Efron. Now, like every other typical girl who grew up watching Troy Bolton, I have always loved Zac Efron. There was a time where I could not believe Zac didn’t sing in the “High School Musical” movies. If you didn’t know that, I’m sorry for destroying your childhood, but it’s true.

      Drew Seeley was the magic voice behind the character of Troy Bolton. But Zac did the “Hairspray” reboot back in 2007 with his own voice, and I was shocked that he actually could sing.

      Honestly, his voice has vastly improved and “The Greatest Showman” proves it. His duet with Hugh Jackman called “The Other Side” has to be one of the best from the soundtrack. But props for you, Zac. This song is fun and I would be lying if I said I don’t listen to it at least once a day. It’s loads of fun to blast on a speaker and sing along to.

       Then there’s the love connection between Efron and Zendaya, which was everything I could ever possibly want. Zendaya is stunning, as always, and she’s moved on to bigger and better things than being trapped on Disney Channel. Zac and Zendaya’s duet “Rewrite the Stars” is still holding a spot on the charts. Rightly so, because this song is a true mesmerizer.

       Now, the soundtrack. If you haven’t even seen this movie, please just listen to the soundtrack because it puts you in an extremely happy place. It starts out strong and fun with “The Greatest Show,” which is the very first thing you hear once the lights go down: loud drum beats get your heart going and you’re already thinking “Oh my God, it’s starting, holy crap.”

      A young P. T. Barnum bursts in, singing “A Million Dreams,” and then grown-up P. T. walks away with his new wife, who joins in on the song and makes your heart swoon. I commend Hugh for some of the choreography in this one.

     Next is “Come Alive,” when Barnum is building up his circus and we see all the “freaks” that join, but he welcomes them with open arms and tells them to “dream with your eyes wide open.”

      Then we get our epic duet by Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman, “The Other Side.”


      Listening to “Never Enough” on repeat will never be enough. It’s moving, deep, relatable and heart-wrenching and it put this movie in a spot where no other song can compare to it. Loren Allred sings her heart and soul out on this song and leaves it all on the stage.

     In case you aren’t convinced, the next song won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song. Sung by Keala Settle, “This Is Me” is the anthem for this movie. This song is beyond relatable, beyond expectation, beyond everything. Keala’s voice is boundless and she has a way of commanding you to listen.

      “Rewrite the Stars,” follows suit, then Michelle Williams gets her own solo song called “Tightrope.”

     Though the movie actually ends with a reprise of “The Greatest Show,” the album’s last song is called “From Now On,” which brings you back down to reality. It makes you think of where you came from and the things you never truly appreciated. Jackman sings the lead; when this song was being “tested,” he wasn’t supposed to be singing because he had recently had surgery. But, being Hugh Jackman, he did it anyway and he killed it.

     “The Greatest Showman” is a true spectacle of entertainment, like one of those timeless musical numbers you know you won’t get sick of singing. Prepare to be amazed.    




Hugh Jackman runs the show as famed ringmaster P.T. Barnum in “The Greatest Showman.”


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