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It’s never too late for a resolution

     A new year welcomes a variety of opportunities for anyone, whether it is losing weight, building muscle, or not drinking soda. It may be a month into the new year already, but it is never too late to add some resolutions, even if you already have one going strong. The more the merrier, so here are some suggestions to make 2018 a great year.

Drink more water

     According to Healthline.com, the average person should be drinking 64oz or a half-gallon of water a day. There are many health benefits to drinking the recommended amount of water such as better sleep, more energy, and higher immune health. To put it in perspective, that would be about four standard water bottles a day. For myself, I read a couple of articles about individuals drinking 96oz of water a day, and they noticed significant changes in metabolism, mood, and healthier skin. If that is too much for you, consider just switching out some of the poorer drinking alternatives, such as drinking alcohol less or having one less can of soda. A little goes a long way.

Try new food

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     Growing up, there was always a fear of the new food, which usually ended up with us saying “I don’t like it” because we never tried it before. Last year, this was my resolution and I found out so much about my food palate in terms of what I actually liked. At that point, I never had asparagus, shark, zucchini, tuna in sushi, and many more foods. Of course I found out I didn’t like some, like tofu and chick peas, but I was ultimately sure about my likes and dislikes when it came to food. When doing this, make sure to be cautious about allergies and proper food preparation to avoid food poisoning or an allergic reaction.

Do something nice for others everyday

     Many of our resolutions (some of these included) are inwardly focused, concentrating on ways to become thinner, healthier, wealthier people. However, while there is nothing wrong with improving yourself, it’s worth remembering there’s a whole world out there too. This year, why not make a resolution to focus outwards instead and help make the world a better place? Plan to do one nice thing a day for someone else; whether it’s something small like giving a compliment, or something potentially life-saving like donating blood or sponsoring a child in need. By knowing you are making a difference, you will also indirectly boost your own happiness and sense of achievement.

Learn something you never did as a child

     Everyone has a different past when it comes to their childhood, whether that meant you were in sports, you played an instrument, or just played a lot of video games. Now is a time to learn those things you missed out on. When it comes to sports, there are many different intramural sports the university has available. Have you never played volleyball? What about indoor soccer? Now is the chance to get involved in those. Have you always wanted to pick up the guitar or piano? Luckily, there are many options for instruments available on Amazon.com that come with instruction guides that will have you performing in no time. Video games have advanced so far since we were children, but the classics will always be the best. Never had an original PlayStation or Nintendo 64? These items are readily available downtown at Main Street Video Games-n-More, or you can easily find them on online shops like eBay. Live out the perfect childhood and kick it 2001-style.

Work on your social circle

     Being in college allows for new social opportunities for everyone, but how does that affect the individual? There are hundreds of clubs on campus, so joining a new club will allow you to meet new people you may not have otherwise. If you want to become a part of a long-term family, look into pledging a sorority or fraternity. If you are living on or off campus, try getting to know your neighbors or the people down the hall from you. How are your connections from back home doing? It is always a solid plan to reconnect with a friend you had back in high school that you haven’t been able to talk to. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good, challenge you, and…

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