Don’t let the vacation break you: How to stop boredom over winter break

By Cody Deitz, Staff Writer

    We are all getting to the point where we just need the clouds to break so we can see the light: winter break. With academics coming to an end within the next week, it is time to enjoy the upcoming free time allotted to us.

       After some time, we begin to find ourselves bored and out of ideas for what to do until we return for the spring semester. Instead of sitting upside down on the couch staring at the wall, now is the time to save yourself from the impending boredom that may be coming.

     There are so many things that are available to college students over break, but how will you choose to use your time? Here are some suggestions to keep your winter break exciting.  

Get a job, or go back to work

      Now I know that doesn’t sound the most enticing, but it is definitely a constructive option for your financial future. With all of the club and organization dues that were collected, the random stops to Dunkin Donuts or the splurging at the bars on the weekends, all bank accounts are sure to be aching for a refill.

      Not only do you get to escape your house when families become a bit too overbearing, you get paid to do it. If you do not already have a job lined up, look on some popular job sites like Monster or Indeed.

There is sure to be a job that will get those balances into the green. If none of them appeal to you, try some freelance style jobs such as shoveling snow or babysitting.

Make a Netflix, Hulu or Amazon watch list

     I know this is probably going to be the most popular option, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Dragging our feet through 15 weeks of intensive school takes away some leisure time that we could enjoy if we weren’t writing papers.

      If you found yourself not watching any television over the course of your fall semester, now is the time to get caught up on all of your shows that you missed. If you are trying to binge your heart out before the upcoming spring semester, look for shows that peak your interest. There is always new material being uploaded to all of these streaming services, so there is bound to be something to keep you entertained.  

Recreational Reading

    Over the semester, most of the reading that is done is mandatory for class, so there is little to no choice on the matter if it needs to be read. If it isn’t necessarily a book, it is notes, outside readings or even each other’s papers for peer review.

       Since it is your break, it’s your choice to read what you want to read. If you watched the new IT movie, then try reading Stephen King’s 1986 novel. Are you a big fan of John Green, writer of Fault in our Stars and Paper Towns? His new novel, Turtles All the Way Down, is sure to grab your attention.
Whether it is fiction, young-adult, or mystery, open up a book and let the words take you to a new world this winter.

Look into the future
        For those who are graduating in the spring or those who want to get a head start, now is the prime time to look into graduate school. Applications are likely to be open, and there is no term paper holding you back. Think about what degree you want and look at schools that offer it.
Are you unsure what master’s degree you want? Research what degrees are available to you based on your undergraduate degree.

       If you are not planning on going to graduate school, and you’re not necessarily on the job market yet, check out what careers are available to you in the upcoming years. If you see some job requirements that you can’t fill, look into available internships that will help make you more skillful and marketable. There are plenty of internships, and some are even paid, so look around for something that appeals to you and can set you up for success in the future.  

Share that time with friends and family

     Yes, family is a group of people that you are basically forced to love. Though they may get under your skin, hopefully your family is one that makes you feel at home and loved. That type of feeling may be through blood ties or even just friends that are so close to you that they are family.

      Go to the movies with them and share a bucket of popcorn. Go out to dinner and share some appetizers. Head to a local bar and catch up on life. These people tend to fade as our academic career is in full swing, so now is the time to work on those relationships by creating them, reinforcing them and saving them.  

      This list does not cover all of the things that are available to you in your respective hometowns, as some may have more available to them than others. Just remember that there is no right or wrong way to do a winter semester. Each person has their own way of relaxing, so make sure to do it the best way that fits for you.