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“The Punisher” joins the Marvel Netflix Universe

      Now that the Punisher is streaming on Netflix, let’s take a few moments to reflect on the Marvel Netflix Universe and all of its characters and series so far. I will be ranking them in order from my least favorite to my favorite.

7) Iron Fist – You’ve probably heard that this show is hot garbage, and you heard correctly. The acting is atrocious, the plot is stale and the fight scenes are seriously hard to watch. I think it’s safe to say that I would rather watch Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill instead of watching even one episode of Iron Fist, but unfortunately, I already watched them all. *shudders*

6) The Defenders – Ah, the dream team finally together as one. Badass Daredevil, sassy Jessica Jones, tough guy Luke Cage and…Iron Fist, what could be better? Honestly, a lot of things. Watching paint dry, possibly getting an unnecessary root canal. I will say, this series is better than Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill.

5) The Punisher – Ok, the hype was real surrounding this one, and for the most part it delivered. For those of you who watched Daredevil season two, you know that we’ve already been introduced to the Punisher and how much of a certified badass he is.

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     After his wife and two children are murdered in cold blood as the result of a massive drug deal gone wrong, Frank Castle, former Marine, goes on down the warpath. He is quite literally willing to kill anyone who stands in his way of gaining retribution for his family.

     Jon Bernthal, who is best known for his role as Shane in the Walking Dead, was truly born to play the Punisher. The way he delivers his dialogue, his body language and his ripped physique are just a few of the reasons why he is so scary as the Punisher.

      The first couple of episodes are insanely action packed and will have your adrenaline pumping. It does a great job of hooking you, but then goes stale for a couple of episode, like four or five. It gets boring but if you make it to the last few episodes, it will have been worth it because the finale is wild. I definitely recommend this.

4) Daredevil season one – The show that started it all, this season does a solid job of introducing the titular character and explaining his troubled past. Charlie Cox, who plays the devil of Hell’s kitchen, does a wonderful job of portraying the blind crime fighter. This series is phenomenal and the Kingpin is downright horrifying. The acting, plot and fight scenes all get an A+ here.

3) Jessica Jones – As I wait for season two, let me reflect on my absolute admiration of this series. Bloomsburg native Krysten Ritter, who you might recognize as the girl who dies of a heroin overdose in Breaking Bad (yes, she’s from Bloomsburg. Check IMDB), absolutely kills it as Jessica Jones. Her sassiness and wit are unmatched amongst the other members of the Defenders and the villain here, known as the Purple Man (David Tennant from Dr. Who), is easily the dastardliest of the entire universe.

2) Luke Cage – Mike Colter, aka Luke Cage, does a phenomenal job of portraying one of Marvel’s first black super heroes (1972). Cage is the level headed and wise one of the group, and doesn’t pick a fight unless he sees no other plausible way. The strongest of the four, considering he is literally bullet proof, Cage is a force to be reckoned with and a human shield in many shootouts. The supporting cast is amazing and the show has a much different vibe than the other three, which is welcomed and a nice breakup from the monotony.

1) Daredevil seson two – picks up a bit after the first one, but sees the inclusion of The Punisher and the return of Elektra. This season was more of an Avengers-esque team up for me than The Defenders was. Either way, the character development is insane. Watch!


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