MTV’s Floribama Shore is a walk down memory lane for fans of Jersey Shore

By Danielle Krempasky, Staff Writer

      If you were a fan of the hit reality show Jersey Shore, then you should watch the new companion series, Florabama Shore. The two-hour premiere aired last Monday where four men and four women were introduced and put into a house to be roommates for the summer at Panama City Beach, Florida.

        Just like in Jersey Shore, the Florabama roommates also have a job over the summer but it’s not working in a clothing store. They work on the beach selling beach chairs and umbrellas to beach goers. The cast consists of a wider range of individuals than Jersey Shore did. In Jersey Shore, all of the roommates were pf Italian descent and born and raised in North Jersey or Staten Island, New York. Now, in Florabama Shore, we have people from Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina.  

          I don’t want to give away any spoilers but this show is just like Jersey Shore, just a bit more dramatic. They’ve been in the house for not even two nights and the roommates are already fighting and not getting along. So, if you lived for the Jersey Shore drama then you will absolutely love this show.
During the season premiere, MTV had a big announcement for all you Jersey Shore fans out there. Jersey Shore Family Reunion is a new show coming out next year! All of the original cast members will be joining the show including Snooki, Jwoww, Pauly D, Vinny, Mike “The Situation” and Ronnie! Rumor has it, Sammi has opted not to be a part of this reunion. Everyone thinks it’s because of her long, drama-filled, on-again off-again relationship with Ron. I know a lot of people would be looking forward to the reunion of those two but maybe she will show up after all, guess we’ll have to wait and see. It will still be interesting to see how the cast will be after so many years!  

      So, if you are a Jersey Shore fan than you should definitely tune-in to Florabama Shore on Monday nights at 10 P.M. on MTV.