Last Word: Prostitution should be legalized

Chloe DeVitis, AssistantOp Ed Editor

       In the recent First Word article, the College Republicans discussed that prostitution should be a legalized and a legitimate occupational option for American citizens. For once, I completely agree with this statement.

     Many countries around the world have prostitution legalized because if it is regulated then it reduces crime and the spread of STDs. There are three things that the College Republicans touched on when discussing the legalization of prostitution that all make sense: liberty, safety and taxed income.
Carissa was right, people should have the liberty to choose what they want to do with their bodies as well as encouraging safety and an increase in taxed income.

     If we look at other countries like Germany or France, we can see that legalizing and regulating prostitution can create a safer environment. According to, Germany has a £14.5 billion sex trade industry, as well as being the largest market for it in the EU.

     There was also a new law put in place in 2016 that makes it illegal to have sex without a condom when engaging in relations with prostitutes (

      Along with legalization with brothels as well as prostitutes, regulations regarding hygiene and safety can be put into place.

      Brothels are also legal in Germany, but a license is required to own one. Anyone that is in violation of any of these laws (pimps, buyers or prostitutes) could be fined anywhere between 1,000 to 50,000 Euros ( All of these regulations promote the safety of sex workers.

      The sex trade in America is also unusually large, which would make up a huge portion of money that is not taxed. Atlanta’s sex trade made up almost $300 million just in the year of 2007, according to the Huffington Post.

       But even though I agree that prostitution should be legalized, we should still keep in mind some of the cons on both sides of the argument.

      High rates of prostitution can point to more underlying structural problems in the U.S. Many people who go to prostitutes do so out of a form of addiction, and there are a large portion that are intoxicated when they purchase sex in the United States.

       Also, it is not that most people want to have the option to work as prostitutes, because most of the sex trade is run by people who can’t find other opportunities. “The researchers found people largely stay in or come back to the sex trade because they can’t find work that makes as much elsewhere” (Huffington Post).

       Overall, I would say that I agree with the college Republicans’ view on the legalization of prostitution in America. But this raises multiple other questions.

        What would be the legal age to be a registered prostitute? Should legalization be at the state or the federal level? If prostitutes have insufficient healthcare (or none at all), then would there be free STD screenings, birth control and other care? These are all very important questions to be raised if prostitution were to be legalized in the United States.

Chloe is a senior Anthropology and German major . She is the BU Democrats Communications Coordinator and German Club Secretary. She is Assistant Op/Ed Editor for The Voice