The Life and Legacy of Henry Carver: Bloomsburg University’s First President

Melanie Aikins, Howl Editor at The Voice

Henry Carver, the foundation of Bloomsburg University. Henry Carver was the first appointed president of this university. He took up this position during a time when Bloomsburg University had one building and minimal staff and curriculum. Henry Carver founded the literary institute, connected the university with the state for funding and assisted in building the first dormitory building.

Robert Dunkelberger, the university archivist, and historian for 25 years; researched and has written a book about Henry Carvers impact on the university. Through intensive exploration and access to the university’s archives, Dunkelberger has dedicated his time and resources into highlighting Henry Carvers achievements.

“I organize and make information available for other people to use” Dunkelberger expresses.

Dunkelberger unravels his workplace and mind for students and faculty who are curious about university affairs, alumni, history, etc. He has memorized and perfected Bloomsburg Universities memoir. Due to this knowledge, he is a guide for the inquisitive student body.

On Wednesday, November 10th, 2021. Dunkelberger will be hosting an event in auditorium 1303, McCormick Center. ‘The Life and Legacy of Henry Carver: Bloomsburg University’s First President’ will debut for the first time, followed by light refreshments. This event will take place at 12 pm.

Come celebrate Dunkelbergers achievement and learn more about Bloomsburg Universities legacy. Books will be available for sale at the event. Whether a fellow history enthusiast, a devotee of writing, or simply a passerby just scoping out the scene; ‘The Life and Legacy of Henry Carver: Bloomsburg Universitys First President’ is worthy of regard.Robert Dunkelbergers event that will be taking place November 10th and 12:00pm in McCormick 1303