The Voice responds to community concerned by animal abuse

~The Voice, Contributing Writer

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     Over the weekend, The Voice Facebook page and editors’ emails were filled with comments by concerned BU students and local residents. A student party held this past weekend resulted in the abuse of an opossum.

     Snapchat videos and photos by Morgan Ehrenzeller showed a group of young men, including Mason Snook and Manuel Rodriguez, drench an opossum in alcohol, kiss it and then throw it in a garbage bin. It is unknown whether or not the animal survived the abuse.

     The University and the Bloomsburg Police have started investigating the incident but have little to go on. They requested that if anyone has information they should come forward to help bring justice to the situation.

     We at The Voice want to thank the citizens and students who brought this story to us. We are the voice of the student community and your opinions and views are important to our paper.

     As a weekly paper we are limited in our ability to report news as it happens. We appreciate your understanding in our lateness covering this story.
We would like to take this opportunity to remind Bloomsburg students to drink responsibly and act more appropriately in public. You are representing the University and these actions put our community in a terrible light.

     As students of Bloomsburg University we need to remember that our actions reflect on not only ourselves, but the community of Bloomsburg as well.
Abusing animals is never ok. If you have information that can help the University please share it with the local police or the school.


 If you have information
regarding this event please
contact the local police