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Be careful what you wish for: Dems should be wary going for impeachment

      Donald Trump is doing terribly as our 45th President and it is obvious in his policies and his overall political agenda that he does not plan on listening to anyone but himself. His policies on immigration and his failure to denounce the morbid acts of racism in Charlottesville show that his presidential focus is truly not with the American people. However, with talk of possible impeachment in the near future, that course of action by the Democrats may not be the wisest plan of action for the sake of our national security.

     There has been talk around the White House, especially amongst several GOP members close to Trump, that if the Democrats were to win control of the House in the upcoming midterm elections, they would almost certainly pursue articles of impeachment.

     CNN reported on October 6 that many “top White House aides, lawmakers, donors and political consultants are privately asking whether President Donald Trump realizes that losing the House next year could put his presidency in peril.” President Trump, however, does not seem deterred by the possibility of articles of impeachment being pursued against him, as he recently began making strides in disbanding Obamacare and replacing it with a completely antithetical Trumpcare.

     Among the many committees that the GOP would lose if Democrats were to gain control of the House is the House Oversight Committee, currently led by Republican Elijah Cummings. The loss of a Republican at the head of oversight for the House would give the many committees responsible for seeking impeachment power to do so, as Republicans would not be there in force to interfere.

     CNN continued to report on Steve Bannon, the man who vouched for President Trump and who played a large role in getting the former businessman elected in the first place. Bannon has continuously shown malice towards the Trump staff after being fired in August and is seeking to derail the president. President Trump, however, has shown no signs of fear even after losing support of members of his own party.

     If President Trump does not focus on maintaining support within his own party, then how is he ever going to put up a fight against a House full of Democrats? The simple answer is that there would be no fight, as the majority vote needed to bring articles of impeachment against President Trump would most likely be achieved.

     While the prospect of gaining control of the House in the midterm elections seems ideal for Democrats, seeking articles of impeachment against President Trump may seem sweeter, though this course of action may not be the best way to proceed in the coming months. If the Democrats win the House in the midterms, which they very well might, the seeking of articles of impeachment is very likely to result. This type of action would put President Trump on the defensive and force him to focus more on saving his presidency than enacting his duties as President.

     At first glance, with President Trump’s recent efforts to repeal Obamacare and his immigration policies, derailing his presidential duties seems beneficial to the American people. However, at a time such as this, when the threat of North Korea looms overhead, creating a divide amongst the highest portion of our government would create possibilities for North Korea to take advantage of us.

     With President Trump’s and Kim Jong Un’s recent exchange of words, the already heightened tensions between our two countries have been exacerbated. North Korea, on many occasions, has threatened the United States and Un has called President Trump weak and a “dotard,” simply meaning that he is unfit for presidency.

     If President Trump were to be forced to shift his focus from his policies to his presidency, then North Korea could use that time of divide to deliver a form of offensive strike upon the United States. While it is difficult to know what Kim Jong Un would do with the knowledge of a divide within the United States government, it is in the American people’s best interest to avoid such a possibility.

     While President Trump has continued to strong arm the White House, a midterm election in which the Democrats could possibly gain complete control of the House would enact disarray upon President Trump’s agenda. While it may seem like a godsend for Democrats, the scenarios that could result from seeking articles of impeachment against President Trump are far too alarming to pursue such an action.

Sabin is a freshman English major . He is a staff writer for The Voice

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