There’s a site for that?

Cody Deitz, Staff Writer

     MyHusky and Bolt are sites that we Huskies use on a daily basis. Often times they tend to be favorites on our web browser’s tool bar. These two are very important for financial and academic purposes, but what about other important things, such as BU clubs and organizations? Or what about internships and future careers? Luckily for us, there are a bunch of websites that BU has readily available for students, and with a couple of clicks, you will have access to a variety of opportunities. Here are a couple websites that you may not have known about, all of which can be found in the Current Students tab on our BU main homepage.

     Clubs and organizations are a crucial part to Husky Life, and most students participate in one or more throughout their entire BU career. HuskySync it is similar to Bolt, in that there are portals for your individual clubs, and organizations. You can go through and check on upcoming events, be sent reminders and alerts, and even track your service hours. All of the clubs that are currently active are available to browse so that you remain aware of the organizations on campus. If there is a club you’re interested in, and it isn’t readily available for you, you can always start a new club right on HuskySync.

Lynda Tutorials
     Faculty, students and staff have access to over 1,500 courses and 85,000 individual online, video tutorials that are designed to improve skills in the use of common and specialized software applications. Each course is taught by an industry expert and consists of multiple short videos that can be watched and replayed at any time. Have you always struggled with Excel? Is Photoshop too confusing? Want to learn how to animate? is the place, and absolutely free for you.

EMS Campus Reservation System
     Students, faculty, and staff use EMS to search for facilities throughout campus that are available to host meetings, conferences, projects, and other events. You can easily reserve the space by submitting an electronic reservation or request. Also, if you need chairs and tables for your meeting or event, there is an option to request those as well. This is perfect if you are in a club or organization that needs a more convenient meeting spot. EMS will provide you with a list of available spaces, so you can save yourself from walking around campus, searching for an available space.

Take Action BU
     You may have heard of platforms such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and IndieGoGo, in which organizations or even individuals use to create a crowdfunding page for a particular cause. These crowdfunding platforms make giving more immediate, direct, and personal for donors who increasingly want to see the tangible impact of their gifts. BU offers a platform very similar! Take Action BU offers the opportunity to raise money for a certain organization or cause. Whether your club is going to a competition and looking for some sponsorship, or you are doing undergraduate research and need a little financial help, Take Action BU can assist you in raising money.