Miley Cyrus dazzles with “Younger Now”: From Hannah Montana to partying in the USA, Miley fans have experienced it all

Carly Clifford, Staff Writer

       She’s done it again! Miley Cyrus has redefined and reinvented her entire career as an artist. From Hannah Montana to partying in the USA to the infamous foam finger at the VMAs, Miley fans have truly seen it all. In just two short years, Cyrus has transformed from a wild-hearted rebel back to the down-to-earth southern girl.

       Her new album “Younger Now” was released on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify last Friday, Sept. 29. The album is already impressing fans that have stood by her through her unique stages and is even creating a new fan base.

     With a much softer undertone than her past two albums, Miley has been working long and hard on not only recording but writing all of the new songs on her album. The process, she claimed, was filled with a lot of alone time, dedication to her new sound and a break from the substance abuses in her life.

       So much soul can be found in just these eleven songs, which leads us all to wonder where her inspiration is coming from. One life event that has had a major impact on her song writing would be her refueled love with former fiancé, Liam Hemsworth. Since the beginning of 2016, the two have been back together again as one of the power couples in Hollywood.

       Cyrus’s first single from the album and one of the hits of the summer was “Malibu”, which oozes of Hemsworth inspiration with every metaphor and even the most literal meanings. Cyrus sings “next to you/ the sky’s more blue/ in Malibu” most likely referring to the couple’s current home off the coast of Malibu.

      Intriguingly enough, Miley Cyrus has claimed to have written this very hit in the back of an Uber while she was just overwhelmed with her emotions for her current boyfriend. She told Rolling Stone Magazine earlier this year that she is extremely proud of her new music because it gives her the opportunity to put the power back into her own relationship and not have the media define it.

       Throughout the new album, listeners can feel firsthand the raw and tender emotions that the two of them share, not just in “Malibu” but also in songs like “Love Someone” and “I Would Die For You”. It’s refreshing to see a softer side of the twenty-four-year-old after her past few years were filled with semi-nudity and “dead pets”.

     Featured in this album is Miley’s godmother, Dolly Parton. This classic country singer duets in a song called “Rainbow”. The two voices singing alongside each other is just another reminder of Cyrus’s roots and country voice. Overall, the new album is bound to start up a whole new era of hippie-like music for Cyrus.

       For a celebrity who has completely altered her sound, appearance and mindset at least four times in just the past decade, fans seem to be the happiest with the calmer version of our favorite childhood TV star.

      It appears that Cyrus has taken a step back and found herself in a better place, musically and personally, and her new album “Younger Now” is the best representation of that. Chances are if you enjoyed any past Miley Cyrus’ albums, you’ll love this one, too.