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Last Word: Trump’s Statements on North Korea are inadequate

     Last week the College Republicans discussed Donald Trump’s stance on North Korea as well as his attitude on the United Nations. I am not at all surprised that they agree with Trump’s calling out the U.N., but I will say I am disappointed that they support his way of handling North Korea for a number of reasons.

     First, I would like to mention how strange it was that the College Republicans incorporated the phrase “peace through strength” as a positive correlation with Trump’s strategy on North Korea. Of course, it is no surprise that we still see the cliché Ronald Reagan references that continue to resonate strongly within the Republican Party.

     The phrase, “peace through strength” logically makes no sense if broken down. “Strength” must mean threatening someone with nuclear war, according to the College Republicans, which then makes the statement “war is peace”. How Orwellian does that sound?

     I do think it is striking that they feel it necessary to threaten nuclear war to diffuse a situation. Even so, a couple days later Trump has trashed the whole “locked and loaded” fiasco and came back full circle to sanction development. His pressure on China to cut off Pyongyang’s lifeline may truly lead Kim Jong Un to stand down. Sorry to burst the conservative bubble, but Trump ended up mirroring Obama’s oh-so-detestable sanction approach. As it turns out, people do not want nuclear war… what a surprise.

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     The College Republicans also mentioned Trump’s comments on Venezuela. Socialism has plagued Venezuelan people and has caused turmoil that should be addressed, but did Trump really say anything that was constructive about the issue? Apparently, all he did was trash socialism.

     Of course, a full speed socialist economic system will always result in failure at some point, just as it is now in Venezuela. On the other hand, incorporating socialist concepts into a free market approach has proven to work very well. Germany, for example, has a social market economy. Even the U.S. has incorporated “socialist” aspects such as Social Security, Medicare, and tax funded public schools.

     The Republicans are correct in the sense that full on socialism deteriorates a society, but people should understand the positive effect that mixed economic systems can have, which include socialist policy.

     What I have trouble understanding is when the College Republicans talked about Trump’s desire to “change” the UN, saying, “Many people will not like his tone or his ideas but something must be done to fix the system”. When someone has bad ideas and cannot deliver them effectively enough for people to jump on board, wouldn’t this just reflect a child complaining about something they do not like?

      College Republicans continued to highlight that the U.S. has a better place on the world stage than before Obama. Really? At this point we have made a complete mockery of America’s place in the world by electing a fussy child who continues to bully his own party as well as anyone else that disagrees with him. I do agree that it is nice to see somewhat of an effort is being made to make the U.N. more effective, but unfortunately, I would have to give Trump a D for effort if he cannot deliver.

Chloe is a senior Anthropology and German major . She is the BU Democrats Communications Coordinator and German Club Secretary. She is a staff writer for The Voice

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