10 Tips to save money: We’re all on a budget here

Ashley Nelson, Contributing Writer

Attend events for free food

     What better way to get people interested in a club, than to offer free food at the first meeting? By attending the first meeting, you’re not signing your life away; you’re simply showing interest (even if it’s just in the food).

Meal deals

    Lets face it: we’re in college and students need the best bang for their buck. Somewhere along the line prices went up and dollar menus became “Value Menus” but there are still a few deals that will keep your wallet happy. McDonalds 2 for $3, Wendy’s 4 for $4 and Burger King 2 for $5 will help satisfy those late night cravings.

Need a new wardrobe?

     You’re living in Bloomsburg so your clothing stores are pretty limited. But don’t worry, we’ve got the answer for new clothes. Wal-Mart is just around the corner and has all the clothing you need. Also Wednesdays at Salval are 50% off discount day. What could be better?

Recruit roommates

     If you’re really trying to save some money, collect a few more roommates. This way your wardrobe will expand. More people living together means

more clothing options for you to choose from.

Did someone say 10 guest swipes?

     Don’t let your friends lie to you. They can’t be running out of guest swipes now that they get 10 of them. First, find all your friends that have meal plans. Next, mooch a guest swipe off someone different each week. Finally, say thank you so that maybe you can squeeze one or two more out of them.

Textbooks are overrated

     Before you buy a textbook or even go to the library, do a quick search to see if there’s a pdf of it online already! Even if your teacher doesn’t let you use a computer in class you can print out the pages you need each session. Sorry professors, but it’s 2017 and the Internet is our best friend.

Sweet talk your neighbors

     If you’re living in an apartment or a house off campus, you know that paying for utilities can be expensive. Everyone nowadays has a cell hone and/or laptop, which means, everyone nowadays needs wifi. Get talking to your neighbors and finagle their wifi password out of them to keep your monthly bills to a minimum.

Store brand is just as good

     We are all in college, so of course we are frugal with our money. Buying groceries is something new to us (Mom, can you come get me?). Try and stick to store brand items. They are just as good as the big names. Besides, Dr. Weis will taste just as good as Dr. Pepper when you’re chasing your Vlad shots.

What are you drinking this weekend?

     Whether it’s the liquor store, Bev Station or Campus Beer, there are always deals going on in town. To get the most for your money try sticking to Natty light, Genesee and Vladimir. They all do the same job, you may just have to plug your nose while drinking.

Have a car at school?

     “Do you mind driving me here?” “Can I borrow your car?” If you have a car at school, these are a few questions you are probably used to hearing. Although having a car has its perks, it’s also just another expense. When living at a house or apartment off campus always park in the front row so that 9 times out of 10 you’ll be parked in and unable to be the driver.