Why are bras so annoying?

Cody Deitz, Staff Writer

     Women live a completely different day-to-day life compared to men. One of those things happens to be the addition of bras. To my surprise, many women wanted to talk about their experiences with bras. Here’s what some women are saying around campus:


     “Bras are annoying because who cares if I’m wearing a bra or not. If I wear one and you can see it through my shirt, it’s a problem, but if I don’t wear a bra that’s a whole other problem to people. It is like I can’t win. They’re a pain, they leave marks, and the straps always get twisted”
-Kristen Morley, Junior

     “After a while, the wires end up snapping due to usage. You can never find the perfect comfort for the straps: they’re always too loose or too tight. Don’t even get me started on the price of them.”
-Sierra Belles, Junior


     “They’re tight and constricting, they’re never the same size across brands, not to mention they’re sweaty and hot.”
-Olivia Law, Sophomore


     “Because they’re expensive. Also, people get really weird about bra straps and if you can see them.”
–Courtney Enderline, Senior


     “Getting out of the shower, and since your skin is wet, it sticks. The underwire digs in your side which is painful.”

-Makenzie Erdman, Freshman


     “When I had big boobs, the band was too tight, and it would dig into my back. The straps leave red marks on your shoulders depending on how heavy your boobs are. Bras that have wires dig in, and it is annoying. Also, with bigger boobs, there is never a bra that fits the right way, not to mention itchy. So I got a breast reduction, and it was such a good decision and relief.”
–Sequoya Tarselli, Junior