BU goes social: Whats going on? Share it with us!

Ashley Nelson, Contributing Writer

     Today, students have grown up communicating and sharing experiences on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These social media platforms help students stay connected with one another while posting about what they are up to. English professors may disagree, but relating to social media, the value of a picture may be higher than a thousand words. Recently, there has been another use for these websites as well. By using the power of different networks, schools are using social media to attract students, interact with current students and share updates about events and activities on campus.

     Snapchat and Instagram now give the option to have people whose phones indicate their location around a campus, or if they were there in the last 24 hours, to post to and view the Campus Story. For Snapchat you’ll have to turn on location services so that it can determine your eligibility, but for Instagram, you just have to follow the Bloomsburg University Instagram account. Stories can show the different sides of a campus and give students a better picture of life on campus. Posting about sports events, events on the quad, upcoming club signups or even your favorite meal on campus will not only help spread word around the student body but also serve as a reminder for students to get involved and not miss out!

     Snapchat, which allows people to send picture-based messages, has built up a base for the higher education market. The app has gone as far as to develop a special feature just for colleges and universities. This specialized feature allows people within the geographic bounds of college campuses to see stories shared at and about that location.

     Instagram shows off pictures of our scenic campus, new facilities (cough, cough David L. Soltz Hall) and college athletics. Stories consist of a series of images and short videos that will disappear 24 hours after posting them. Instagram Stories appear at the top of your followers’ feeds, as red-ringed circular channel icons.

     To post a Story, tap the plus sign in the upper left hand corner of your Instagram app screen. You can take a photo or hold the record button to take up to ten seconds of video. There are on-screen pen and text options to add text, doodles and emojis to your posts. Finally, tap the checkmark and let your fellow classmates see what you have captured.

     From football games to theatre productions to guest speaker events, everything related to campus life can make its way onto the feed. I’ve found that these stories expose the student population to other parts of the school that they had no idea existed. It has positively impacted our campus and connected people in different ways. When asking different students about these specialized campus stories, many had little idea about them so hopefully this article helps bring them into the spotlight. So remember next time you’re snapping a picture on campus, share it with everyone else!  would love to see it!