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Will the iPhone X be Worth the Price? Apple’s Newest Phone Soon to be Released

      Apple is finally coming out with their new anniversary phone… iPhone X, and with all the new bells and whistles, this phone will be a whopping $999. With skyrocketing prices and new attachments like wireless charging and Face ID, Apple appears to be obsessed with setting the trends for future iPhones.

     Apple has a few other things to offer its customers with a better Retina display and better camera with the new phone, but how well will this new face ID play out? The surface of the new phone will be made up completely of the actual screen, which means no home button. I can already feel the skepticism that cannot help but remind me of the whole air buds debate after the previous iPhone 7 release. According to the apple website, the face ID uses thousands of invisible IR dots that project onto your face, and when it matches to the owner’s identity it then unlocks the screen.

     For me the most exciting aspect is the new and improved camera, and apple is really not holding back on talking it up. “The new camera also delivers the highest quality video capture ever in smartphone, with better video stabilization, 4K video up to 60fps and 1080 slo-mo up to 240fps”. This is not even the coolest part. You can make your own emoji that reflects your own facial expressions and are now calling it the Animoji. Even though I’m not that enthusiastic about this new release, this is probably going to make the biggest noise and actually is pretty exciting.

     But the question is, will this all be worth a thousand dollars? As an iPhone user I think that Apple is looking a little too much at setting future trends as the leader of smartphone technology, rather than creating practical phones with reasonable prices.

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     Apple has been so obsessed with the staying ahead of its competitors that it’s forcing its product’s very place into the lives of its customers. The people at Apple are smart enough to know that people who have been long-term buyers of their products will not care enough to make that rare switch in phone companies. All of this leads me to believe that the company might be taking too much advantage of their buyers.

     Along with this, there is an extreme amount of pressure in owning any kind of smartphone. But there is always that question that we hear, “iPhone or Android?” Even though I do own an iPhone I still think that Samsung makes the clever move of making their smartphones significantly cheaper than Apple’s.

     So with Apple’s obsession through pushing everyone towards the edge of the future, I would say that besides the new camera and Animoji features, I don’t see how this new phone could truly be worth the outrageous price of a thousand dollars. My prediction is that the FaceID will fail to receive any positive feedback at all, but everything else looks very typical for new iPhone releases. I can tell you that I will definitely not be waiting anxiously to pre-order this new Apple product.

Chloe is a senior Anthropology and German major . She is the BU Democrats Communications Coordinator and German Club Vice President. She is the Asst. Op/Ed Editor for The Voice

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