ACT 101 student receives Dr. Irvin Wright Endowed Scholarship

Bitania Yemane, News Editor

     Sophomore Jeffney Etienne was awarded the Dr. Irvin Wright Endowed Scholarship for her academic achievements during her first two years at Bloomburg University.

     She is the first recipient of the scholarship and was given $1,000 for the academic school year. “I was so surprised when I was told that I won the scholarship,” said Etienne, “I really was not expecting anything at all honestly. I recently found out about it during the summer so this feels real nice because it saved a lot of money for me.” With the help from the Marcei Woods, Coordinator of Cultural Affairs and Support Services, Etienne was encouraged to apply for the scholarship. “Marcei Woods told me about it and to apply so I did. “This scholarship meant a lot to me,” said Etienne, “because I was afraid that I was not going to be able to schedule classes for the next semester because I had a hold on my account, so luckily this award helped me get rid of that hold”.

     Etienne believes that her good grades and GPA helped her win the award. “I believe that they were looking for someone who excels academically and takes their education seriously and most importantly someone who is passionate with what they do.” Besides being in the Act 101/Educational Opportunity Program, Etienne is also a Community Assistant at the new Soltz Hall residence building on campus. “I enjoy being a CA, said Etienne, “I enjoy helping students, residents, especially the new freshmen and that is kind of related to what I want to do after I leave Bloomsburg and go to grad school.” As an Exercise Science major, Etienne plans on helping children and the elderly. “I want to be a physical therapist to aid people that is my ultimate goal,” said Etienne.

     Dr. Irvin Wright was the former associate dean for academic achievement at Bloomsburg University. During his 45 years he worked and became director with the Act 101/Educational Opportunity Program, a program focused on providing support and educational preparation for students who show potential in order to receive a higher education at Bloomsburg University. The Dr. Irvin Wright Endowed Scholarship will continue to award students within the next couple of years.