Mayer finds himself in sounds of latest album

Carly Clifford, Contributing Writer

John Mayer’s “The Search for Everything” has something for all kinds of music lovers.


     After a four-year hiatus, John Mayer is back. His new album “The Search for Everything” is everything his fans have been hoping for and quite possibly more. Two EP releases were followed up by his full album release on April 14. Since the release, the new sounds have been sweeping the charts. Whether it’s on a pop hit channel or even Sirius XM’s country station, John Mayer shows us yet again that he is a master of all genres.

     But what exactly is this recreation of sound? Back in January, Mayer was interviewed by “Rolling Stone” in which he answered a few questions about the details of the upcoming album and some behind the scene questions of the songwriting. They described the album-to-be as “a sunny pop-rock tune reminiscent of his early chart-toppers.”

     Mayer himself said the catchy tunes would be a breed of their own when compared to some of his earlier music. “The price of admission is four songs,” Mayer told “Rolling Stone” in reference to his first EP release. “If you don’t like these, don’t get the next four. But if I’ve engendered some kind of trust that you think I’m onto something, get the next four and come along with me on every single wave.” The album did not disappoint and we have all been riding the waves ever since.

     Some of the inspiration for this new album comes from another Hollywood celebrity and Mayer’s ex-girlfriend, Katy Perry. After the two split in 2015, the singer-songwriter has been using his time to channel his emotions and feelings into the album with tracks like “Still Feel Like Your Man” and “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me.” He confirmed that these songs were focused on his feelings towards Perry and that music has been one of his ways of working through these emotions.

     As for the more upbeat songs like “Love on the Weekend,” the artist said most of his inspiration was found within the hills of California, specifically Los Angeles. The scenic views and culture surrounded him with just what he needed in order to write up lyrics like “You be the DJ, I’ll be the driver. You put your feet up in the getaway car.”

     “The Search for Everything” Tour began last month, kicking off in Albany, New York and will run until early September in Noblesville, Indiana. The tour has been broken up into three different divisions: full band, acoustic and trio. The set list ranges from songs from previous albums, acoustics covers, guitar solos and of course, music from this album. Also, featured on the tour are some older friends of Mayer’s bassist Pino Palladino and drummer Steve Jordan.

     The three formed a blues-rock band called “John Mayer Trio” that released one album in 2005 but have not been on stage since roughly 2009. From the blues rock trio to the softer, older music John Mayer is known for, this tour has something for every concertgoer. John Mayer has really outdone himself this time and all of his fans are already anxiously awaiting more music.