10 days and one long goodbye

Sam Kern, Features Editor

     When it comes to being at school, one never really remembers that at some point, it’s going to end. It’s all get the work done now and you can relax and watch Netflix later. Not too many think about the end before things even begin. You’ll graduate and you’ll have to leave what has become so familiar to you. It’s an odd feeling, saying goodbye to everything and everyone that has been around you since almost the beginning. But it’s here for graduating seniors, and it’s harder than expected to say goodbye.

     Bloomsburg University is a great school. The campus is beautiful, minus the torturous hills, the library is so fantastically full of research items and books just to read when there is time. But do students ever really have time to sit down and read a book that wasn’t assigned by a professor? And the couches in the library are some comfy places to nap if ever you’re feeling a little too sleepy to write that essay that needs to be finished.

     BU has a relatively good bus system, we have great sporting events and the teachers are always willing to help their students with anything that may come up during the school semester. There are a select few who even help with personal issues, which is super kind of them considering it’s not their job to be therapists. That’s what makes the professors at BU so amazing. They are willing to help all of their students with problems in school or problems that are of the more personal sort.

     There are clubs and organizations to get involved in, along with community groups in town and friends to hang out with. Everyone finds their niche somewhere on campus sometime while they’re here. It might be the Pokémon group, the anime club, the school newspaper, a sports team, or even the Writing Center. Everyone finds where they belong before they leave BU, and that’s how they leave their mark.

     The friends you made in the dorm rooms or by sharing an apartment will go away to different areas, to do the jobs they went to school for while you go your separate way to the job you’ve wanted since you were in high school. Saying goodbye isn’t easy, but sometimes it has to be done. No one wants to say goodbye. Especially when some of those friends have grown to be such an important part of your life in the last two to three years.

     Saying good bye was never meant to be easy in any situation but in order to start a new life it seems to be a necessary evil. And just because you won’t be seeing these people or things every single day like you have for the last four years doesn’t mean you won’t ever see them again. There is always class reunions and getting together at an old hangout is always a great way to spend the day with old friends.

     There will no longer be long nights in the library studying for the test that’s 20 percent of a grade. Starbucks runs will probably still be a common errand but needing to walk all the way down to a certain one because one is closed will no longer be a problem. Lunch breaks in the Commons, snacking at Roongos, sleeping on the couches in the Fireside Lounge in Kehr. There’s a lot that’s going to be hard to say goodbye to but it’s for a good reason. Graduating seniors get to start a new chapter in their life and it’s going to be a lot different than what the BU community has taught us.