The Husky Mail Hub: New electronic mailing system coming Fall 2017

Bitania Yemane, News Editor

     Starting in the Fall 2017 semester, Bloomsburg University will have a new electronic mailing system called the Husky Mail Hub for on-campus residents. This new system will allow students to have access to Mail Lockers to pick up their packages anytime and any day throughout the week.

     “How this works is that students will receive messages through email or text on their cell phones notifying them that they have mail being held for them in the mail room,” said Brian Sweetra, supervisor of Mail Services.” The message will have a code that the student can scan or type in on the locker kiosk.” Once the code is scanned or entered, the locker bin will open and the package will be available in the bin for the student to pick up. “There will not be mailboxes in the dorms anymore like there are now,” said Sweetra, “All letters and packages will be with us for students to pick up using the lockers and if the package is oversized and cannot fit then it will have to be picked up from behind the counter.”

     For students living in upper campus however, mail from USPS will continue to be delivered at the upper campus mailboxes or the JKA front desk while UPS and FedEx packages will be delivered to the Husky Mail Hub. “Basically, if the package requires a signature then the student living on upper campus will have to pick up it up from lower campus. If items are not picked up at a timely matter then it will be sent back. This is not a storage unit.”

     Bloomsburg is one of the few schools with this new mailing system Rutgers university is where Sweetra got the idea from. “I heard nothing but positive feedback from Rutgers about it, I got in contact with Rutgers and presented the idea to my boss.”

     The Husky Mail Hub will be located at the lobby of the new residence hall next semester. “I believe this will be more convenient for students with having better access and more flexibility with picking up their mail when they want to,” said Sweetra.