Dance minors shake it up at ‘Healing the Quake’

The Voice, Staff

BU Dance minors recently put on their seventh annual concert, revolving around themes like romance, body acceptance and social commentary. Held in Haas Center’s Mitrani Hall, the spectacle was free and open to all students and community members. Professor of dance Julie Petry oversaw the night’s performances as the artistic director.


 Images from: Brooke McCoy/The Voice

“The program seeks to instill students with knowledge of current and contemporary practices and philosophies within the field, while revealing potential career possibilities both directly and indirectly related to the art form itself. Through analytic, critical, physical, artistic and practical experiences, students will digest a broad view of dance, while having the ability to select electives appropriate to their direct interests and/or area of major studies. Elective options include courses such as anatomy, nutrition, theatre, exercise science studies, among others, and will complement many career opportunities and directions.” – from the Bloomsburg University Dance Minor Webpage