A better you from BU: Elisa Grandizio-Fulbright scholar plans Argentina trip

Tanisha Webster, Contributing Writer

     It is no secret that Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania produces successful, radiant and dynamic individuals. So, let’s put the spotlight on one of BU’s own shining stars, Elisa (Mancuso) Grandizio. With over 20 years of experience in business, technology and leadership services, Elisa possesses an undoubtedly unique combination of talents. Viewed by her colleagues as an intelligent and determined Agent for Positive Change, she advocates for social equality. Elisa’s optimistic view on life is very contagious and others can attest to that. She strongly believes that it is possible to have a fulfilling life both professionally and personally despite challenges and she serves as living proof!

     A success-oriented and organized professional, Grandizio is a born leader. One of her many accomplishments includes the creation of an award-winning mobile language translation application; called OPiTranslate that combines machine language translation with over-the-phone live interpretation. This application was the first of its kind and it was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch in August 2013.
Elisa firmly believes in the importance of giving back and she never forgets her alma mater, Bloomsburg University. She makes time in her busy schedule to come back to BU and share some words of wisdom and inspiration. Elisa regularly presents at the annual Zeigler’s Institute of Professional Development (known as ZIPD) Conference and has been a guest speaker for university events, such as the Women’s Recognition Event, which took place on March 29, 2017. Through the years, she also has taken the time to mentor BU students and student interns, many of whom she still remains in contact with.

     By working through the regional Technology Center she helped students realize their business aspirations and was a judge for the annual student business plan competition. Elisa believes that in order to break through the barriers of social inequality, we must start with molding our younger generations through educational initiatives and positive role modeling. Over the course of 20 plus years, she has been committed to Bloomsburg University on many levels by serving on numerous boards and committees such as the Husky Club, Celebrity Artist Series (in addition to being a Corporate Sponsor) and on the town/gown strategic planning. She served as the honor council advisor for a national sorority on campus (Tri-Sigma) and student supervisor through the Development Office. If there is an opportunity to get involved, she will volunteer her time.

     So where is Elisa Grandizio now? As a life coach, she is focused on helping people attain excellence and balance in their daily lives through positive perspective and meaningful change. She continues to speak at various events and is actively focused on sharing her vision to uplift and educate women about navigating the challenges and social stigmas they face in today’s society. Through her new organization, Break on Through, Inc., which she founded in 2016, she is able to combine her life-coaching abilities with her business background to help people attain excellence and balance in their daily lives. She enjoys interacting with other like-minded people, especially students whom she believes possess the same vision as hers.

     Elisa Grandizio is a remarkable woman who has achieved great things thus far and she continues to make great strides. She represents the true meaning of “Being you at BU” and never forgets her roots. Bloomsburg University is proud to call her one of their own! You can learn more about her at www.breakonthroughinc.com and on the company’s FaceBook page.