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Citations rain down on a booze-filled Block Party

Images: Ed Murphy and Evin Hartsock, The Voice

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     According to BloomUToday 281 citations have been given as a result of Block Party between April 21 and 22. Bloomsburg police are still doing follow up investigations on some events related to the annual party which may result in additional citations or charges. The citations are as follows: 124 open container, 73 underage drinking, 37 disorderly conducts, 17 public drunkenness, 17 other criminal charges, 5 scattered rubbish, 3 disorderly gathering, 2 retail theft, 2 carrying false ID and 1 misrepresenting age. Block Party is an unaffiliated university event, BU provides alternative activities at Springfest like Tye-dying and pet therapy which can be seen in the two pictures on the right. On the left is Block Party in full swing on Fetterman Avenue.


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Citations rain down on a booze-filled Block Party