Tough topics addressed at PADME

Bitania Yemane, Asst. News Editor

     The Personal Adornment Day and Makeup Extravaganza (PADME) event occurred last Thursday in the Caldwell Consistory Building where art studio and theater students were able to showcase their artistic abilities through fashion and theatrical makeup. Here students expressed messages through their clothing with topics related to the environment, rape culture and self-confidence.

     Artist Olivia Plunkett created an entire piece made out of soda can tabs as she shined down the runway. Other students also used the idea of recycling material to design exotic dresses like artist Brooke McCoy. Her piece titled “Movement of Newspapers” focused on the idea of how the journalism world is evolving every day and its importance in today’s society. Model Alyssa Jones wore a piece where newspaper was sewn on to a cotton dress while she showed off her dance moves on the stage.

     The topic of rape on college campuses was presented with an opening statement from one of the presenters stating that “one in six women are a victim of rape and it shouldn’t be silenced.” The model wore duct tape on her mouth with shorts and a baggy pink button up while holding a red Dixie cup on her hand to indicate that she is a woman who was raped at a college party. The duct tape represented the many women who are raped in this society that keep it private. At the end, the model ripped off the tape from her mouth and yelled “I will not be silenced!”

     Kendall Baird’s piece titled “Mother Decay” focused on the importance of mother nature and how human influence has created a negative impact on our environment and planet. Model Kayla McGarry wore a green lace dress with plastic trash bags, black charcoal and foliage.

     “Married to your anxiety” by Ellie Pugmire was a piece that was modeled by Pugmire herself. She walked down the runway with a wedding dress while models Katie Quaste, Erin Recupero and Stephanie Bouffard slapped black paint on her body, representing her anxiety. The message conveyed that anxiety is a serious issue that is difficult to get rid of and can remain with someone forever.

     The event ended with awards being announced and given out to artists for their amazing work. PADME gave students in the Department of Art, Art history, Music, Theater and Dance a chance to express their ideas through their fashion designs.