Daniel A. Wubah: Microbiologist

Rachel Wright, News Editor

     The third university presidential candidate to visit campus is Daniel A. Wubah. Wubah is a microbiologist by trade as he received his doctorate degree from University of Georgia in Botany and Microbiology, his masters in Biology from University of Akron and his bachelors in Botany from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana.

     “Throughout my career for someone who was raised by a single parent, I have always been mindful of the power of higher education… That is what drives me. What I have tried to do in all cases, for every individual I touch be it a student a faculty or staff I try for it to be a positive experience. That is how you can change lives.”

     During the open forum, Wubah gave three reasons why he was interested in the position with the first being the university heading in the right direction. He said, “I started reading about this institution and the more I read about it the more excited I became…I could easily tell it was heading in the right direction.”  

     The second being the university history. He said, “I look at the type of institution it has a similar history to Towson and James Madison. I believe I could transfer that here.”

     The third being the potential impact. He said, “I was looking for a place I could make a meaningful impact. I’m not interested in going to a place where I will just manage. I want to work the senior leadership, all the constituents, faculty, students, staff alumni and friends, we can really make a meaningful impact and meet its mission.”