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BU students get real about religion

     The fourth and final in a series of student panels put on by the Institute for Culture and Society focused on religion, pluralism and misconceptions moderated by Rev. Jill Young, Protestant Campus Minster. “This is sacred ground, almost a precious space,” she said in her opening.

     Students on the panel represented a range of religions, from Catholicism and Christianity, to Judaism and Muslim and even no religion at all.

     Panelists discussed how they came to their faiths, how they’ve grown into them since being at school and the many misconceptions they are faced with. “Religion is not a veil covering you, it’s not a position, it’s a foundation and a fall back. It holds you responsible,” said Darion Nomie.


Tony Mercuri
“Go to the on-campus Newman House and feel welcomed.”

Darion Nomie
United Church of Christ

“No matter who you are or where you come from, there’s something there for you in life or religion.” 


Morgan Adams
Not Religious
“Be open.”

Nour Haj Mabrouk


“Islam is not terrorism. People make assumptions and don’t ask, but they should just ask and learn more. We won’t be bothered.”


Shari Spaeth
We are very open. Different denominations might be Jewish but not religious, but cultural.

Noah Byerly

Not Religious

“It’s more than just there’s no God and more accepting what going on. It’s just not a concern right now.”


Amel Elsheakh
“I want people to know the faith encompasses peace, love, tolerance. Rely less on what the media says and more on what people [of the faith] say.”

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