Big Event changes venue

Bitania Yemane, Asst. News Editor

     As April is quickly approaching, Bloomsburg starts to get ready for the annual “Big Event” with the Kickoff Celebration at the Student Service Center where free pizza was served with music to get students pumped up for the upcoming event.

     “The Big Event” is a one day event dedicated to community service where students volunteer to clean up the town and will be held on Saturday, April 1 this year. This year’s event however has changed its location than the previous ones.

     “Due to the heavy snow melting and the rain this past week the town park is very muddy. We decided to change the location to the Rec Center parking lot so the 2000+ students we have would not destroy the grass in the town park and make a giant mess. Additionally, we decided to make this decision ahead of time so we could further accommodate transportation needs of students. For example, those who will be walking to job sites will now be walking to sites right around the University while those job sites near the Town Park will now be bused, ” said Rebecca Demuth CGA Historian.

     “The University has once again turned out leaving our numbers right around 2000,” said Demuth, “This is right around where we have been in the past few years. I think the transition to sign ups on husky sync has definitely deterred some people from signing up, so we combatted that by doing paper forms as well. Overall, this year matches the numbers we had last year and the year before.”

     “The Big Event has become a local staple. This event serves to create lasting connections between the town of Bloomsburg and the University,” said Demuth. “Volunteering allows students to leave their hectic lives and busy schedules behind for one day to really make an impact on the residents of our town. “