Business accommodate to new Block Party restrictions

Rachel Wright, News Editor

     It’s about that time of the year when the town of Bloomsburg and the university start preparing for the annual event that is Block Party. The spring celebration, which is not supported by the school or town, will be taking place on the weekend of April 22 and this year a few more restrictions have been added.

     In a statement that was released from the University and town police on March 22, students were informed that there will be more parking and residence hall visitations restrictions than in previous years.

     Bloomsburg University will be temporarily restricting overnight guests in the residence halls to one visitor per student for the duration of that weekend. A professional security company firm will assist in managing guest registrations and enhance front door security.


     The Lightstreet Road and ATM lot will be temporarily closed and there will be restricted access to Green Lot to permit holders only from 12 p.m. Friday, April 21 through 12 p.m. Sunday, April 23. With the restrictions on parking, there will be a lot of cars and limited spaces which the administration is hoping deters out of town party goers from attending.

     In the past years, students have used larger parking lots in town as a form of overflow parking, namely the Weis parking lot off of route 11. “We are trying to prevent it. We will have people outside monitoring the parking lot,” said Weis manager Glynn Wilkins. “In the past [people using the parking lot as overflow] has been a burden to people shopping in the store. We got feedback from the community.” Another potential parking lot that could be used would be the Giant lot. Store manager Nate Bair said they don’t have any plans to prevent partygoers from using their lot at the moment.

     Next to the commuter lot is the Geisinger hospital lot. In response to Block Party, Michael Keller of the hospital security staff said they will have extra staff monitoring their parking lots that weekend.