BloomU Foundation provides new student housing opportunities


Ed Murphy

Kile apartments (above) is located across from Old Science Hall on Penn Street. The university recently completed the sale to have it operated thorough CGA.

Mirlie Larose, Staff Writer

Students now have an another safe and affordable off-campus housing option. Bloomsburg University Foundation (BUF) closed the purchase of the Kile properties on Tuesday, April 2.
The properties are owned and operated by Dr. Willard Kile, who manages student-housing through an LLC, Advanced Student Housing.
Because of the purchase of the properties, BUF will now provide a scholarship funding more than the $1.3 million already awarded to BloomU students in 2018-19.
“Students were struggling to find housing to meet their needs,” said BUF Executive Director Jerome Dvorak.
Kile apartments are a zero-minute commute, meaning that students will not have to deal with shuttle buses and campus parking. And for a limited time, Advanced Student Housing will be providing free onsite parking for new leases (a value of $250).
Honeysuckle Apartments are owned and operated through BU’s Community Government Association to provide affordable housing options through trusted university affiliates.
In reference to these housing options, Dvorak says they “all [adhere] to the same safety regulations as our on-campus housing.”
Since Bloomsburg University is taking over the apartment complex and BU is a dry campus, the same rules apply as they would for any other on campus housing.
Bloomsburg University student Irvin A. Mulbah feels that the new rules would not affect him personally. “We have two CA’s, so people will do what they please regardless,” he says.