President Hanna responds to claims of detachment

Mirlie Larose, Staff Writer

President Hanna believes he makes effort to engage with students, but students say otherwise.
Hanna says he makes it a priority to interact with students on campus through actions such as eating in the Scranton Commons once a week and meeting with the CGA President once a month.
Despite these efforts, students still feel as though Hanna’s involvement is minimal. Black Cultural Society President Michaela Poluard, who feels that the president could do more to interact with students from multicultural club organizations, says, “let us know you care, let us know we matter, let us know you have our backs, let us know you’re here!”
In response to claims that he is disconnected from Bloomsburg’s students, Hanna states that he “[wants] to make a sit-down with these students and make them feel important and valuable for shining their light on campus.”
Students feel it’s important that the public figure representing Bloomsburg University shows appreciation and support to the students who are making their marks on campus. The students associated with the Multicultural Center also feel they go unnoticed from both faculty and other students.
BloomU sophomore general health science major Tionna Williams believes that “Dr. Hanna should at least attend some events the MCC holds to show recognition.”
The students associated with the Multicultural Center organize many events throughout the semester including Beyond the Fountain, The Big Event, The Miss NAACP and the No Hate March, among others.