‘13 Reasons Why’ we should talk about this



Cast at Red Carpet Premiere, from left to right: Stephen Silver, Brando Larracuente, Timothy Granaderos, Alishaa Boe, Devin Druid, Katherine Langford, Tommy Dorfman, Ross Butler, and Brandon Flynn

Kearstin Calhoun, Contributing Writer

This summer Netflix released season three of “13 Reasons Why”. While less controversial than season one, it continues to represent topics and situations that made season one so dangerous.
This show insists on exploring very serious real-life problems in as much didactic detail as possible, but it does not show any evidence of having done the research to get the exploration right! This is a problem!
The show continues to make clumsy, lazy, and obvious errors in exactly the moments that it’s striving for honesty, and if this time those errors might not lead to deaths, well, that’s a pretty low bar to aim for.
The first season caused a lot of controversy and the entire world seemed to be talking about it, but there are a lot of people who agree that the first season, should’ve been the last.
The first season documents Hannah Bakers perplexing suicide while classmates receive a series of tapes that unravel the mysteries of her tragic choice, revealing that almost everyone around her took part in her choice. The showed stirred up necessary conversations about suicide and difficult related topics.
Season 2 focuses on memories of Hannah that haunt Clay Jenson. During this season a lawsuit against the school goes to trial, and more startling secrets emerge as the students from Liberty High School testify.
This season ends with a terrifying rape scene and Tyler, preparing to shoot up the high school’s spring fling. Months after the Spring Fling where we last see Tyler ready shoot up his school is where season three picks up.
The third season was released on August 23rd of this year. Liberty High finds out that Bryce Walker is murdered the night of homecoming and everyone is a suspect.
Throughout the entire third season we see everyone reflecting back on the good and bad of Bryce Walker. A committee of rape survivors (who mainly all hate Bryce Walker) was formed, Jessica starts dating Justin again (the boy who let Bryce Walker rape her), Tyler never gets in trouble for wanting to shoot up the school and at the end, the person who kills Bryce Walker gets away with it.
While trying not to completely spoil the whole season for you, I’ve brought to attention all the seriously messed up things this season shows.
This season touches on topics that are most sensitive to everyone; rape, school shootings, and murder. These are heavy topics to be visually represented and while it is important for society as a whole to recognize these situations, there has to be a line of something going to far.
Whether the series is stupid or amazing in your opinion, above all we need to be talking about this, and discuss these topics with our peers in hopes that the messed-up situations that go on within Liberty High school do not take place on this campus, or anywhere!
Things to talk about after watching “13 Reasons Why”. Is killing a rapist a crime? Would you date a guy who allowed someone else to rape you? Would you save a kid who wanted to shoot up a school? What about a friend? Would you hide guns for the kid who wanted to shoot up a school? What about a friend? How far is too far?.. In your opinion, should 13 Reasons Why be celebrated, or hated?

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of self-harm, suicide, or harm to others there is help available. The Lifeline network is available 24/7 across the United States. 1-800-273-8255.