Adapt with apps to get you through college

Gabrielle Reyes, Features Editor

Living away from home requires new adjustments to your lifestyle, especially being new to college. Having all this freedom, safety should be taken more seriously. Whether you’re walking alone in the dark, drinking, or just managing your studies, you should be aware of the resources accessible to you. Some of these resources are just a click away to download on your phone.
The first app “Circle of 6” gives you the opportunity to set up to six contacts of yours to be notified in case of an emergency. If something does happen, a pre-written text with your GPS location will be sent out indicating whether you want them to pick you up or call them to get out of a situation. This app can also send calls to 911 or to a sexual abuse hotline. This app is only for apple user, which is a draw back. However, this app has many features that makes uneasy situations less scary.
“Kitestring” is not even an app at all, which makes this resource reliable. When signed up to “Kitestring,” you can send a regular SMS text message informing them what’s going on. It doesn’t need to be an actual emergency to contact them. You can tell them to text you in an hour to check up on you.
If you decide to work during the school year, there may be times you will get out of work late in the night.
For those moments, you can text, “15m” meaning to text you back in fifteen minutes to see if everything is okay. What happens if you don’t check in with them? They will send a personalized message to your emergency contacts on your phone.
An app to help you keep count of your drinking is called “wise drinking,” accessible to all smart phones. This is more than just any other drinking app. Once you download it, you will click on which drinks you have been drinking that night from the list of many beers, ciders, wines and cocktails. It will tell you how much content is in each intake.
It will also assist you in situations where you can not get yourself back home. Because it would be counting your intake, it will inform you of the speed limits around your area and when the stopping point would be if you plan on driving. The last feature of this app is the personalization of it. It can tell you the calorie intake within each drink and tell you your habits.
Because our phones can be the reason we do not study or do our homework, the app “Forest” helps you grow with it. This means it helps you stay focused on what is more important, planting a tree as an additional reward. The are a set of rules you must follow, but the main point is to not let the tree die.
If you spend too much time procrastinating on your phone and not on your work, it will die. If you don’t let it die, you will accumulate points. With a certain number of points, the company will plant an actual seed in the ground. In the end, the earth gains a tree and you earn an A in the class!
As we can not discuss all of the wonderful apps out in this world, there is one more I wish to expose you to. This app will help you during those tough times with homework. Majority of the time, there is not a person accessible to you who knows the material you are working on. Thanks to “ Brainly,” there is.
This app is composed of millions of students and experts on all types of subjects ready to help. May it be about law, medicine, arts or computers, they will work to get the answer for you. This app can be extremely helpful and should be taken advantage of.
These apps will only help you if you let it. They are easy to download and some of these apps are available on computers, as well. One should never be too careful with safety or managing your time. If these apps work out for you, email us and let us know. If they don’t, inform us so we can let others know, too.