‘It’s my tuition money, and I’m using it NOW!’

‘It’s my tuition money, and I’m using it NOW!’


Photo Courtesy of Jackie Bristel

A bulletin board in Kehr Union displaying flyers for different campus events.

Gabrielle Reyes, Features Editor

As an out-of-state student, I obviously pay more tuition to attend college. Because of this, I have learned to get my money’s worth while I am still here in college. If I don’t, I will never have the same resources out in the real world when I graduate.
You may not know it, but there are a multitude of different services offered to us as students.
Living on campus can become boring with just going to class and staying in your dorms. With the community activities fee we all pay for, you may be missing out on different fun events held on campus.
You can find flyers to different events all around campus. The main spot to find all event is at Kehr Union. Currently on the board, you will see flyers for “Tear up the quad” and “BINGO” both happening on Friday Sept. 13.
These are only two of numerous other activities you can find yourself attending. It’s always fun to see what is happening around you. Try to follow all Bloomsburg University Instagram and Facebook accounts to receive notifications on special or spontaneous events. There are days where certain campus dining will have special or free merchandise and food.
Even though most of us own our own laptops and other devices for school, your tuition pays for all the technology on campus. This means the smart boards, Wi-Fi, projectors, library computers, printers and more.
If you have tried to print something out at a printer on campus, you probably already have seen your printing balance. You have a limited amount of money you can spend on prints (if you didn’t already know).
Don’t forget about our tutors. The student workers down at the student service center offers a wide variety of subjects to be tutored in. They will work with your schedule and see you as frequent as you may need. This can be extremely beneficial, especially during midterms and finals.
Something else we also pay for is our health services. For example, the Health Center and Center for Counseling and Human Development are all resources we have access to through our tuition.
At home, we can easily go to our routine doctor’s appointments, but at school it’s a different story. Here in college if we get sick, we must take care of ourselves. This means visiting the Health Center. It is what we are paying for. Not to mention, the faculty here are always more than willing to help and care to our needs as much as possible. If you need to miss class due to your illness, you can receive a sick note from the center with an appointment.
We may feel as if we don’t have a say in campus life and activities, but we do. We are the people who are paying for the university. As students, we are offered many discounts. When shopping online or buying certain items, student discount is half time always given to us.
Don’t be afraid to speak up. If the shuttles are running slow or are not there at all, call up their number to see what’s the status. If printers are not functioning properly, be sure to contact someone to fix them because it is our money.