When does tall become too tall?

To give you some background details, my boyfriend is 6’6” and he is by far the tallest person I have ever had sex with. Finding the perfect position for sex has been the hardest part of doing it with him.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the act of it all, the saying is very true for him in the case of size 16 shoe does equal a HUGE personality. However, his height makes it hard to get that great position for both of us. One in which give us both equal pleasure in. 

Most of the time one of us in uncomfortable due to cramping, a head hitting a wall, or his leg knocking my lamp off my desk, the list really could go on forever.

I’m only 5’5” so you can imagine how hard it is having over a foot of space between your head and your significant others during sex. Half the time my head only ever gets to his collar bone and when we do move to be face-to-face, there is a lack of “connection” you could say. Something important during sex.

Our puzzle pieces never match up perfectly where we would want them to. Like I said, don’t get me wrong when we get into it, it’s fantastic and I can’t image being with anyone smaller, or shorter I should say.

There are a few positions that have become a regular that suit both of our parties. Spooning works nearly every time, plus it’s the easiest for both of us and a lot harder to get into the position as some. Any position with me on top is a go to even if I’m in a lazy mood. 

It’s easier for both of us if I have control. If not, I can promise you he’s breaking another lamp getting into position. Our tried and true position for most of the sex we have is on top of a table, desk, or up against really anything is huge hit. It’s a lot simpler to adjust everything else when your hips are in the right places.

It sucks that sometimes it’s hard to just jump right into it because we have to take into account his height and my lack of height, but we make it work.

All and all I’ve had sex with men who were 5’6” and now men in the top of the food chain height wise and no matter the height or size of the guy, if they know what they’re doing it works out fine. 

Most men don’t know how to use their sword, so to say, in the most beneficial capacities. Learning the positions that works for tall and short men makes the world a much better place for their significant partners. With trial and error, you’ll find your “go to’s”. My boyfriend and I will continue to try many new positions during sex. Keeping it new and exciting makes it all the more fun. 

All in all, I don’t think there is a thing as too tall for good sex. I think there can be obstacles in hitting the best spots for both parties, but as long as the sex is good and everyone finishes, what more can you ask for. Once you find what is best for you, communicate with your partner and get to practice. Be safe and stay horny, huskies.