‘Dorm Cookin’

Gabrielle Reyes , Features Editor

Living on campus, you are only equipped with a microwave and a mini fridge. Sadly, we don’t have a kitchen. However, who said anything about needing a kitchen to cook or make yourself gourmet meals. For those lazy days you don’t want to leave the comfort of your dorm, here are two recipes that are easy, fast and delicious.

Eggs with the works in a mug 


1 egg or egg whites

Any cheese to your desire

Salt and pepper


1/4 of a full Red bell pepper


Any other vegetable you wish


Spray mug with cooking spray. Pour in the eggs and salt and pepper. Microwave for 50 seconds and stir. Add the rest of your topping and microwave for 40 more seconds. Once you are done, you will enjoy a delicious quick loaded scrambled egg meal. If you don’t have any toppings, maybe you have salsa in your fridge. With just egg and salsa, you can easily make yourself just as good meal!


Pasta and Sausage Dinner



Ready to go pasta from Barilla or regular pasta

Marinara sauce

Already cooked sausages

Cheese ( cheddar or Parmesan)

Salt and pepper

*These are larger servings. If you are cooking for yourself, cook the amount you believe you will eat. For example, one sausage and not the entire pack.*

Place the pasta in water and boil in your microwave till soft. If you bought the ready to go pasta, you do not have to do this. Once this is done, mix all the ingredients together and microwave for one full minute. You may add more cheese at the end and enjoy!

Fast tips: Try to invest in the seasoning “Mrs. Dash seasoning blend”. This seasoning is an array of various spices such as garlic powder, oregano, basil, rosemary and more. If you add a small pinch of this onto any dish, it will heighten the flavor. You will take your dish from ordinary to extraordinary.

If you try out these dishes, let us know! We want to know if this was successful or a flop. May be you have recommendations or alterations to these recipes. Send us reviews and photos to [email protected]. We will then either post it on our social media pages or feature it on this page.