Career Intensive Boot Camp gives students a look into the ‘real world’

Sarah Emily D'Agostino, A&E Editor

This past weekend, Bloomsburg University welcomed over 60 Alumni for the Career Intensive Boot Camp offered for Juniors and Seniors and run by the Bloomsburg University Alumni Association.
This Boot Camp was an experience for students to speak with working professionals from different fields, take part in mock interviews and resume building and to begin the preparation of finding employment after graduation. Dozens of current Bloomsburg students were present and were able to have face-to-face communications with Alumni who came to network.
The Boot Camp was broken up over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Throughout the Boot Camp, the students had to present themselves as professionals. This was an opportunity for students who have not often been able to practice dressing professionally, attending conferences or simply speaking with professionals from different generations and levels of relevance in fields of work.
Students usually have less opportunities to attend major conferences or symposiums where professionals are able to networks and teach how “the real world” is going to appear.
Unless you are presenting or are required to attend a conference, the chances of students making the effort to find time to meet with professionals not only in their direct field of study, but professionals in other fields, can be low.
The students that attended this semesters Boot Camp varied in major, graduation year and experience with professionalism. The ability to find students and professionals that grow your networking as a young professional and offer you more opportunity once in the professional working world is very important no matter what field of study or work you are in.
Career Boot Camp’s look into “the real world” is an amazing opportunity for students across the major field and can bring the university’s Alumni and current students together.