BUPD gets proactive concerning active shooters

Gabriel Miller, Staff Writer

The Bloomsburg University Police Department has undergone additional training and implemented new measures to prevent school shootings. BUPD has also partnered with local, state and federal law enforcement in training for potential shooter scenarios.
This concern hit home last spring with the incident at Honeysuckle, which required a SWAT team and evacuation of the building.
Additionally, two gunmen have been arrested in town this fall. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has also recently announced the arrests of two Bloomsburg residents who made straw purchases of firearms.
As part of regular procedure, uniformed officers routinely foot patrol campus to proactively deter crime. The University is also implementing drills and increasing awareness to familiarize the community of what to do in dire circumstances.
When asked about the degree of safety on campus, students expressed faith in university police efforts.
“Generally, I’ve always felt safe on campus,” said Education major Melinda Rhoades. “I feel the police are doing the best they can to protect students”
Political Science major Danielle Godorecci and Mass Communications major Henry Maschaett also expressed similar sentiments.
A key part of the new initiative is seen throughout campus, from posters to TV monitors. New infographics display what to do if you find yourself cornered by a shooter: “Run, Hide, Fight.”
Police also urge faculty and staff to talk with students and co-workers about what to do in an active shooter situation. They advise to “be aware of your environment and any possible dangers.”
The department has also provided additional instruction to elaborate on “Run, Hide, Fight.” Here are some important points.
RUN: Leave your belongings. Evacuate the area. Try to escape even if others disagree and try to help others if you can. But if someone is wounded, don’t move them. Have a primary and secondary escape route planned. Keep your hands visible when police arrive.
HIDE: Find somewhere that provides a route of escape, that has a door or window, and lock the other entrances. Keep quiet, including your cell phones.
FIGHT: Fight as a last resort and put all of your effort into immobilizing the shooter. Remove or secure the weapon if possible. Use anything around you as a weapon. Try to count the number of shooters and victims.
Additionally, new opportunities to assist the police are being made available. They include non-police support duties from answering non-emergency phone calls to marketing.