Angel shot saves lives


A person should not limit their fun because of an uncomfortable situation. They should not feel tense while at a bar or club because of the behavior of other people. Telling a person to stop or no doesn’t always solve the problem. Sometimes when we are put into this situation it can be very hard to get yourself out. 

Especially if you are alone with no one to help you, how can you guarantee your safety? Over the past couple of years, a group of inventors has developed a shot named the “angel shot” to get you out of a possible dangerous situation. 

Trying to leave an uncomfortable situation is not always easy. A person may become persistent, hostile or physical. It all started in St. Petersburg, Florida when they put up a sign in the women’s bathroom. It stated, “ Is your Tinder date not who they said they were on their profile? Do you feel unsafe or even just a tad bit weird? If so, order an angel shot.”

There are three “flavors” in the order. Order an Angel shot ‘neat’ and the server or bartender will escort you to your car. An Angel shot ‘with ice’ means the person needs an uber or taxi. Order an angel shot with ‘lime’ and they bar will call the authorities. Luckily for those bars who have tried it have yet to have any need to use this. 

This has yet to become an epidemic for all bars. However, this idea has been brought to here in Bloomsburg. The new(ish) bar in town,’the study”, has posted a flyer relaying the same information about the angel shot onto the bathroom stalls.  

The problem that occurs with ideas as such is the exposure it gets. With all the exposure it gets, the most people know about it and less discrete it becomes. Those dates who are being hostile or persistent will become worse if notices your attempt to flee. This goes for the same for ideas like the “black dot”.When placing a black dot on your hand, professionals can know that you are experiencing domestic violence but you can’t reach out for help because your abuser is watching your every move. This is a great campaign but again, with more people aware of this, the abuser may see it catching on to the movement. 

Another secret way to get help is asking Siri to “charge your phone to 100 percent”. Please be advised not to use this unless you are truly in trouble. Calling the police with a false claim can get you into a lot of trouble.  

There are many other different ways people have created ways to help others in a time of need. There are always resources on campus you can also go to if you need to speak to someone. Safety always come first.