The ‘pleasure’ of music

The question I am pondering today is whether listening to music during sex is an aphrodisiac or not? If you’re unsure of what aphrodisiac means, it is just a fancy word for something that “gets you in the mood”. 

Common aphrodisiacs we hear of are foods like chocolate, bananas, and oysters. But hearing a tune could also possibly get things flowing in the downstairs area.

Any noise playing in the background, whether prior to listening or the purposeful act of putting it on during sex is very common and bound to happen to you at some point. It can’t always (and shouldn’t) just be quiet. 

I have been there, where the sound will catch my ear and distract me. Sex is all about pleasure and when doing so, you’d want to hear things pleasing to the ear, right? I don’t want to be in the middle of fooling around when I suddenly hear Sicko Mode by Travis Scott blast in my ear or the intro claps to Friends.

We release dopamine when we listen to music. Dopamine is what’s known as a feel-good chemical that helps us feel pleasure. 

Do you ever plug your headphones in and know exactly which song you want to listen to? That feeling of relaxation and bliss of hearing the intro to the climax your ear buds reach at the melody. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to add that sensation when having some fun.

One day, I took the time to look through my playlists on Spotify and made my very own personal sex playlist of songs I wouldn’t mind hearing. I listened to each song I thought I would like to hear and paid attention to if I can picture myself getting in the mood to each beat, lyric, and sound. This is something I think we should all do if we find ourselves bored or have leisurely time. 

It might also be nice to have some communication with your partner and see what you would both enjoy listening to. One suggestion  can be “all night long” by Beyonce. I mean she literally is taking about doing the guy all night ling. Nothing is sexier than hearing Beyonce sing those words. 

I asked a group of horny huskies if they enjoyed listening to music during sex and the reaction was humorous. The conversation started off shy because I felt no one would be comfortable sharing this type of information which was fine. Then one by one they began listing different sounds that they don’t mind listening to during sex. 

“When I was with my ex, we would leave the TV on. He would play like Frank Ocean or other slow stuff”

“Last time I listened to music during sex was the Big Bootie Remix.”

“I had music playing the last time I was having sex. It was “The Apex Legends” title screen music in the background on his Xbox.”

All quotes in response to my risky question. Not what I was expecting because the answers weren’t a direct yes or no, but they were even better.

So that also leads me to ask, should we put more consideration into what we listen to during sex? I wasn’t sure what my friends would respond to that question, but the outcome was amusing and witty. From their reactions I’m sure they would have preferred listening to something more pleasing to the ear.

My other friend explains to me of how she had the best sex of her life while listening to the entire “Over It” album by Summer Walker. It can be as simple as just planning an album to play to possibly cut out some tension. Doing this can also help loosen up any nerves that one could be feeling before and give a sense of comfort. This can be a useful tip if you find your nerves controlling your feelings.

I will conclude that purposely listening to music during sex has a lot of benefits and to give it a chance if you haven’t done so. See what feels best for you! Be safe and stay horny, Huskies.